What are Spike Notes and Spike Tasks?

Spike is is the only platform that doesn’t break your workflow, is entirely unified, and open to all. Spike Notes and Tasks take your workflow to the next level. Create, edit, and collaborate on Notes and tasks in real-time. Integrating your email, your personal notes, collaborative sheets and tasks, all in a single platform. It’s everything you need to be more organized, efficient, and get work done. Because Spike is powered by Email, all Notes and Tasks have Spike’s super tools:


Real Time Awareness: Collaborate in real time on any Note or Task.

Reminders: Set reminders for yourself or anyone else (here is how to snooze)

Advanced Search: Advanced email search tool lets you search all your accounts using filters to find everything quickly.

File Preview: visually preview all files (even large email attachments), without having to open emails one by one.


You can use a Spike Note to take notes for class, brainstorm your next project, create a word document on your own, or edit it in real time with your team or clients. Want to invite someone to edit the doc? Just share it with them. Doesn’t matter if they don’t use Spike. Anyone you invite to collaborate with you can easily access the Note.

Managing a project? Upload docs, images, PDFs, videos, or anything. Use your Note to archive and keep a history of all your files.

We hope this was helpful!
If you go through these steps and still have trouble, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help 😎