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The Only Email Client You'll Ever Need

By Spike Team, October 13, 2018
The only email client you'll ever need

Ever get the feeling that your online email client was actually designed to make your life more difficult? That Outlook is a bunch of confusing folders and useless rules? That Apple Mail is just straight trolling you? We do. Or to put it in another way. We did.


Despite the fact that we use them almost every day, the top email clients currently doing the rounds are not cutting it. It’s unsurprising really, considering that these crucial email management systems have changed little over the past 50 years. That’s right, today’s most popular email clients are, pretty much, based on the same technologies that ushered in the new age of digital communications back in the 70s—and they are beginning to look seriously outdated.


But what if there was another way? What if, instead of the clunky user interfaces, complicated folders and tags, endless confusing threads and underperforming productivity tools, there was a better solution? A simple and user-friendly solution. A solution that is, well, just different from all the rest.


At Spike we think there is a better way to manage your email, and we think that our simple, conversational email app is the only tool you’ll ever need. Here’s why.


Spike is Conversational

If you’ve ever sat behind your screen willing your Mac or windows email client to magically deliver a reply you desperately need, then you’ll know the feeling. The rigidity and formality of old email standards just doesn’t cut it in today’s always-on world. Sure, you can jump over to your instant messenger and ask someone to reply to your email—but that’s a bit retrograde if you ask us.


Spike combines the best of both worlds, letting you talk to people in real-time but still providing all the functionality of an email. Ditch the headers, signatures and other useless information and dump the endless threads that clutter up your inbox. Discover the power of People Mode.  


People Mode consolidates long and winding threads, organizing your email by contact. At a glance, you can see who is online and whether they have read your messages. It works the same way with group chats, helping you collaborate with your team, or just organize your next night out.


You can also make voice and video calls directly within the Spike app, allowing you to continue the conversation face-to-face. It’s had an amazing run but it’s time to put old, simple email clients where they belong—in the trash. Spike keeps you connected to the people who matter most—all from a single app. Conventional email is dead. Long live conversational email.


the best email app for work


Spike is Smart

Unreliable filters, manual folder management, useless tags. These are the trademarks of conventional email clients. We’re living in a world where AI is about to break into the mainstream, and you still have to separate junk mail yourself. Does not compute.


Meet Priority Inbox— the smart way to scan, archive, and prioritize your inbox without trawling through every single email. Spike puts all your most important messages at the top of your inbox, organizing them by contact.  Everything else (newsletters, notifications, subscriptions) is put away in your “Other” inbox for you to browse at a later date. What’s more, as Spike learns your preferences, the whole process is refined and improved, streamlining your email experience day after day.


Spike’s smart features don’t stop there. If you’re struggling to organize your life with through your current email clients, then say hello to Calendar. Regardless of whether you use multiple calendar apps across different platforms, Spike’s Calendar brings everything together into one place. You can easily pair your Google Calendar with your Apple Calendar and see all your appointments on the same screen. It’s the clever way to manage your time.



Spike is Organized

Losing an email attachment can be a nightmare, particularly when you’re dealing with traditional email threads that tend to jumble up information as they are passed between people. The problem is that there’s just too much trash getting in the way, and your files are buried deep within all that junk. Spike solves that problem.


Advanced Search lets you type in any variation of the attachment name, displaying the relevant files in the toolbar. You can even search for files by the person. Great when you can’t remember the obscure name your colleague gave the latest version of a PowerPoint Presentation. All variations of your searched file will be displayed in an easy-to-read format, making choosing the right version a breeze.


In addition to this, File Manager gives you an instant look at your files directly within the emails they are attached to. Spike allows you to preview attached files of any type, giving you the information you need, when you need it—without having to download a thing.



Spike is Sexy

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig—and both web email clients and desktop-based clients love a bit of rouge too. In truth, there’s very little to separate the most popular email clients when it comes to aesthetics, and the status quo is very firmly linked to how they function. What this means for the user, however, is ugly and confusing apps that do nothing to stem the rising anxiety we feel each time we open up our emails.


Spike is proud to be a little different. Through intelligent design that enhances functionality, our intuitive UI clearly displays the information you need and ditches the stuff you don’t. A highly visual interface that prioritizes better communication is just what the beautician ordered.


You can color-code calendars, contacts, and groups. Photos can also be added to contacts and groups to help you easily identify who you are talking to. Spike is simple and sleek by design and is more user-friendly than even the most attractive Windows or Mac email clients currently available.


The world deserves a better email client. Whether you are using Mac or Windows, whether on desktop, mobile, or tablet, and we think that Spike is the only email client you’ll ever need. Discover the future of email with Spike.  


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