8 Ways to Boost Communication and Productivity With Spike's Magic AI

Oren Todoros
By Oren Todoros, Updated on October 11, 2023, 6 min read
Spike Magic AI

Not long ago, composing a perfect email felt like running a marathon. Racing against time, I sat rooted to the screen, searching for the right words. Then artificial intelligence came along and made content creation a breeze. Now we’re taking AI communication even further with Magic AI by Spike.
Magic AI writing assistant helps you compose meaningful emails, send quick replies, and turn long conversations into clear, time-saving summaries — saving you valuable time.


Here are 8 practical tips you can use to unlock the immense potential of Spike’s Magic AI. Whether you’re looking to improve interactions with your team, valued customers, employees, or other business partners, here’s how to make Magic AI your trusted ally.

1. Compose (Magic Message)

Writing professional emails often takes more time than expected. This is where Spike’s Magic AI is an ace up your sleeve. It serves as your personal assistant, composing, editing, and perfecting your messages. Not only does it save you time, but it also ensures clarity and precision in your business communications. Whether it’s an email, a message, a blog post, a paragraph or a list, Magic Message creates the perfect content. Choose the format, tone, and length that suit your needs, and presto, you’re all set!


Spike Magic AI-Compose


Here are a few Magic message prompts I use daily:

  • Draft a friendly message to inform my team about the upcoming meeting.
  • Assist me in creating a PR pitch email about [insert topic] for a leading tech journalist.



2. Reply (Magic Message Reply)

Drowning in emails? We’ve all been there. But with Spike’s Magic AI, crafting quick and relevant responses has become a breeze. This powerful feature provides replies based on the content and context of the incoming emails so that you’re able to maintain timely and appropriate correspondence with all stakeholders.


email reply


Reply Prompt Examples

  • Suggest a courteous response to the email inquiry.
  • Help me craft a reply to a meeting request.


Write messages, send replies, and complete tasks - faster. Save valuable time and enhance your efficiency by 10X.


3. Summarize (Magic Summary)

Magic Summary is a time-saving tool that helps you stay on top of your email. It automatically summarizes long emails, so you can quickly get the gist of what’s important without having to read through everything. This is especially helpful when you’re dealing with a lot of communication, or when you need to catch up on a conversation quickly.


Magic AI - Summarize


4. Magic AI Bot

Creativity knows no bounds with Magic AI As an invaluable brainstorming partner, it goes beyond the limitations of human thinking, offering unbiased and limitless input. Drawing from its extensive knowledge base, which spans a wide range of subjects, Spike’s AI bot provides a wellspring of inspiration that’s always ready to fuel your creative endeavors. Imagine sitting down to brainstorm a new project, and instead of the usual mental roadblocks, you’re met with a plethora of fresh ideas and perspectives.


  1. To use Spike’s AI bot all you have to do is send a message to ai@spike.chat
  2. In the message body, write a prompt or request for brainstorming assistance. For example:


“Generate some innovative ideas for our upcoming marketing campaign.”

“Help me brainstorm potential blog post titles using the keyword ‘Marketing Agency’.”

“Assist me in defining our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) based on the industry we’re in.”
Send the message to the AI Bot.

Within seconds, Spike’s AI Bot will respond with a list of creative ideas and suggestions based on your prompt.


Pro-tip: Pin the AI Bot conversations to the top of your inbox so you always have easy access.


Spike Magic AI Bot



5. Language Translation and Cross-Cultural Communication

In our interconnected world, language barriers can sometimes throw a wrench in our business gears. That’s where Magic AI comes in, playing the role of a trusty translator and bridging those language gaps. What’s even cooler? It gets those cultural nuances, helping businesses sail smoothly through the intricate waters of global communication.


Translation Prompt Examples

  • Translate this email into Spanish and ensure it remains culturally appropriate.
  • Translate this email into German and ensure it remains short, engaging, and professional.


Pro-tip: Translate any message in a tap: right-click/ long-press on a message, select ‘translate’, choose your desired language at the bottom left, and tap the blue translate icon.



6. Extract Content from Files

Magic AI offers a remarkable feature that can increase your productivity. Save valuable time and extract content from .PDF files. Whether it’s long documents, research papers, reports, or meeting notes, Magic AI can quickly analyze the content and provide you with concise and relevant summaries. Perfect if you want the highlights without the fluff. My personal favorite way to use this – is to get an instant summary of an attachment without having to download or open it.



7. Content Creation and Review

Most businesses rely on content – whether it’s blogs, research papers, social media posts, newsletters, or whitepapers – Magic AI is incredibly helpful. It aids in brainstorming content ideas, drafting articles, and proofreading, ensuring that all published material is of the highest quality and free from errors. It also works the other way around: add or paste your content and ask Magic AI to proofread, edit, or provide additional ideas based on the reference content.


Content Creation Prompt Examples

  • Propose some engaging topics for our next blog post related to eco-friendly products.
  • Review and proofread this social media post about our company’s anniversary.



8. AI Notes

Elevate your work process with AI Notes, a game-changing tool that revolutionizes writing, note taking, project planning, and management. Whether starting a fresh project or fine-tuning an existing one, AI Notes is your indispensable ally. Harness its capabilities to generate captivating blog topic ideas, effortlessly condense or enrich your notes, and even craft comprehensive articles with remarkable ease. It’s like having an experienced writing partner by your side.

Here are some specific examples of how Magic AI can assist in improving team collaboration:


AI Notes Prompt Examples

  • Provide a list of items we should prepare for our offsite meeting to make it productive.
  • Review the note details and provide a short summary of it.


Spike Magic AI - Notes



Magic AI is way more than just an AI content writer. It can enhance your communication, boost your productivity, and do a whole lot more. In the digital age, you need all the help you can get, and Magic AI is definitely up for the task. You should experiment with Magic AI and see how it can help you grow. Magic AI is way more than just an AI content writer. It can enhance your communication, boost your productivity, and do a whole lot more. In the digital age, you need all the help you can get, and Magic AI is definitely up for the task. You should experiment with Magic AI and see how it can help you grow.


Magic message


Here are some of the ways Magic AI can help businesses:

  • Enhance communication: Magic AI can help businesses communicate more effectively with their customers, employees, and partners. It can do this by generating high-quality content, translating languages, and summarizing complex information.
  • Boost productivity: Magic AI can help businesses save time and money by automating tasks such as writing reports, creating presentations, and answering customer questions.
  • Do a whole lot more: Magic AI can also help businesses with tasks such as market research, product development, and sales. It can do this by analyzing data, generating ideas, and making predictions.


Overall, Magic AI is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes grow and succeed.
Ready to transform your work with Magic AI? Explore its features and witness a revolution in communication and collaboration. Join us in ushering in a new era of productivity.

Oren Todoros
Oren Todoros Oren is a strategic thinker with over 20 years of experience in the marketing industry and is the current Head of Content Strategy at Spike. He's also the proud father of 3 beautiful daughters and a dog named Milo.

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