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By Spike Team, Updated on March 02, 2021, 5 min read
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If you’re anything like millions of other people around the world, then you already know your email is much more than just a communication tool. It’s the first thing you open in the morning and the last thing you close at night. It follows you around in your pocket and is there for you when all you can access is a web browser on a shared computer in some sad airport or train station cafe. It’s a hub of creativity, productivity, detailed project briefings and dinner plans. It’s your window to the world of work, and it’s versatile and flexible enough to help you manage every other aspect of your life.


But just take a moment to have a good, hard look at your workspace. It’s 2020, so your laptop, tablet, or smartphone is probably overflowing with time and task management apps, sticky notes, mysteriously named files with long-forgotten purposes, images, screenshots, and anything else you’ve previously used to get the job done. Then perhaps there’s a bunch of post-it notes on your screen, maybe a spiral notebook or two on your desk, plus a few pens that are never to hand when you actually need them! And don’t forget your calendar apps, your agenda (both digital and real-world), and of course, your email.


If only there was a way to bring it all together. If only there was a single email AND to do list app that provided real-time notifications on when items were completed and that helped you organize both your workload and your team’s. Well, we’re here to tell you there is—and we’re sure that Spike can help minimize distractions and keep your workflow on point. Read on to discover the power of to-do lists and email combined, and how notifications linked to your to-do’s help you organize and prioritize work on a daily basis!



One App. One Screen

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Whether your task came from an email, phone call, or group chat, it still needs to be noted and prioritized. Spike Tasks allows you to view your emails while keeping track of tasks in the same space. It’s all bundled into a single feed. Your emails ARE your tasks, and your tasks ARE your emails. Everything that comes from another source (phone, SMS, WhatsApp) can be seamlessly dropped into a Note or email task list and shared with your contacts.  


All of your mission-critical tools are on one screen, and you never have to switch between apps or disrupt your workflow. That means you can really focus on getting the important stuff done, without stressing over which app, tool, or chat that crucial snippet of information is hiding away in. Everything you need to work efficiently is together in a single app. That’s your email, to-do lists, and task management tools. Organizing your daily, weekly, or monthly tasks has never been this simple. 



Cut to The Chase

Task management apps are great, but they rarely integrate directly with your email—meaning you’re always switching between the two, copy/pasting information, and generally getting dazed and confused by who said what and where. Spike, on the other hand, allows you to create calendar entries, set due dates and reminders, and build to-do lists from your email—letting you cut to the chase and get $h1t done!


By viewing your emails and tasks together in one space, it’s easier to identify which tasks take priority over others. A living task list in Spike helps you keep track of what’s been done, what needs to be done, and what can be deferred until a little later. Reorganize, pin, snooze, and mark tasks as completed as you go along, helping to avoid duplicating tasks or overlapping them—improving clarity and organization by directly transferring emails to task lists without skipping a beat. Spike is blurring the lines between email and task lists, giving you the best of both worlds. 



Notifications That Matter

email to do list


Notifications are pretty useful things. They give you a helpful nudge when you need it. They ensure you don’t forget your important to-dos, and they keep you in the loop when it comes to shared responsibilities and tasks. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that integrating notifications that matter with your email to-do list is just the productivity boost you need. After all, there’s nothing quite like the ping and buzz of a busy smartphone (or computer) to really keep you on your toes.


Set up a to-do list and share with your collaborators, touch base in real-time with everyone who’s involved, mark the portion of the document being discussed, and check when a message has been seen, all in a super-intuitive sidebar that sits comfortably with your all-important to-do list. You’ll get notifications at the top of your inbox whenever and edit takes place, whenever a document is updated, whenever a task is crossed off your shared to-do list, and whenever someone needs more clarification on a particular part of your projects. Put simply, it connects the dots between your to-do lists and email, so you can get tasks done quicker and more efficiently.



Information Where You Need It

Turning your email into a to-do list is simple with Spike, and it puts all the information you need right where you need it. Create checklists outlining your tasks, add more detail using tables, links, bullets, numbered lists, images and infographics or even HTML, and then mark your tasks complete for everyone to see. You can even chat directly with your collaborators within the task lists itself, ensuring everyone is LITERALLY on the same page! Everything you need to work together is at your fingertips, and it’s accessible and updated across all your devices.


So, whether you’re sitting comfortably at your desk or out on a sales call with your trusty smartphone, you can update your email to-do list and be sure that all of your devices are in sync. What’s more, if your team is working on your to-do list while you’re out of the office, you’ll get all of the updates you need pinned directly to the top of your inbox. It’s the most convenient way to stay in the loop and ensure no two tasks are being worked on at the same time by two different individuals. Information has never been so instant, and it’s all in the palm of your hand!


Spike’s 21st-century approach to email and to-do lists is about to blow your inbox wide open. Discover how you can manage your tasks and to-do at the same time while consolidating all the information you need on the Spike blog. You’ll find a bunch of tips and tricks, alongside loads of useful advice on how to find your flow and boost productivity.  And don’t forget to drop us a tweet at @SpikeNowHQ with all of your stories on how combining to-do’s and email has liberated your daily task management!  

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