Ditching Google for Work Email? Here are the top Workspace Alternatives

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By Spike Team, September 14, 2022, 6 min read

Google Workspace is a valuable tool for businesses, but it can have some drawbacks. When it launched as Google Apps for your Domain in 2006 (later branded as G Suite), it was seen as a way to move off legacy and costly Exchange email servers. As the years have gone by, it’s become a clunky solution as Google keeps adding feature after feature. With Google Workspace, you’re locked into using Google Apps for everything, including email, calendar, and contacts. Google Workspace is a great tool for businesses and offers many benefits. But it does have some drawbacks. Let’s look at some of the Google Workspace pros and cons.


  • It’s expensive compared to other Google Workspace alternatives when you need more storage

  • You’re locked into using Google Apps for everything

  • Many employees might have concerns about needing to use Google services in their remote office out of fear of being tracked by Google


  • Simple to add new users

  • Extremely reliable service with high uptime

  • Easy for employees to sign in on their mobile devices


With that being said, there are plenty of Google Workspace alternatives that you can use for business purposes. If you’re ready to move from Google Workspace and explore other options, here are the best Google workspaces alternatives on the market today:


Interact with people through real-time chat. Try Google Workspace alternative


Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 is a full productivity suite with the added benefit of using Microsoft’s products across multiple devices. It includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the desktop but also adds in OneNote and Outlook for your email needs. With this bundle, you get access to Windows 11 as well as Microsoft Security features—both of which are included in each user’s subscription price. The best part about Microsoft 365 is that it works across all devices—Mac or PC, iOS or Android—so you can be productive no matter where you are with a single subscription.


Microsoft 365 is an excellent option for businesses or individuals looking for an all-inclusive productivity suite. The added benefit of being able to use Microsoft’s products across multiple devices makes it a great choice for businesses that want their employees to be able to work from anywhere.


  • Starts at $6 per month (paid annually) per user for email and web versions of Office

  • To get access to the desktop Office apps, pricing starts at $8.25 per user per month (paid annually)


Zoho Workplace


Zoho Workplace is a great alternative to Google Workspace. It offers many of the same features as Google Workspace, but with a few notable differences.


Zoho Workplace has a simple plan that gives you access to basic business email. If you’re looking for something more robust than what’s offered in the basic plan, there are paid plans starting at $3/user/month. The paid plans include advanced features like email and calendar, file sharing, document collaboration tools, and more. Zoho Workplace also has an app store with over 200 apps that you can use to customize your workspace. If you’re looking for a solution that offers more features than Google Workspace but doesn’t require you to pay, Zoho Workplace is a nice Google Workspace alternative. It’s also a good option if you want to add more features later on. The basic plan gives you access to most of the essential tools needed for running a business, but there are paid plans available if your needs are more advanced and require additional features like email and calendar, file sharing, document collaboration tools, and more.


Zoho Workplace also offers a free trial so you can try it out before committing to a purchase. It’s a very reliable solution that will work well if you want to integrate Google Workspace with other services like Slack, CRM, and project management tools.


  • Email only plans start at $1 per user per month

  • Plans with collaboration tools start at $3 per user per month



Apple iCloud+


Apple iCloud Email with your own domain is great if you’re already invested in Apple products. When Apple announced iCloud+ at WWDC in 2021, it revealed that paid iCloud tiers would receive additional perks such as support for Private Relay and Hide My Email. Another perk Apple includes with iCloud+ is the ability to set up an iCloud Mail custom email domain. It’s not meant for business usage, though. If you’re a small 1 person business, it might work, but otherwise, it’s not an ideal Google Workspace alternative. This is because it’s designed for home use, not business. If you’re looking for an alternative to Google Workspace, Apple iCloud+ isn’t it.


  • Pricing starts at $2.99 per month for custom domains in iCloud email






FastMail’s business email solution is designed to be the best in class as a Google Workspace alternative. FastMail’s business email solution comes with a handful of features that make it an attractive option for small businesses and organizations.


The service offers unlimited email storage, which is enough to handle the needs of most businesses. You can also set up multiple email accounts on one account and use them as aliases — perfect for creating separate inboxes for employees.


FastMail also allows you to create multiple email addresses for each of your users, which can be used for different purposes. For example, if you want to send an email from a “sales” address that goes straight into a CRM system, or an “accounts” address that sends invoices and statements, you can set this up using an alias feature in the web interface. Setting up aliases is easy. You just need to create a new account and enter the email address you want as an alias. FastMail will then send an email containing a link that allows you to set up your alias, which can be used on any device with internet access.


  • Custom domain email starts at $5 per user per month

Ready to Move on From Google Workspace? Check out These top Alternatives



Microsoft 365

A recent post on the Microsoft blog announced that they are adding new features to their Microsoft 365 business suite that will help companies manage and keep their data safe. This includes an enhancement called Azure Information Protection (AIP), which uses machine learning to automatically classify sensitive data to protect it from accidental sharing or exposure. AIP also allows users to classify content with just one click and access any device with a single sign-on. This is an important step in the right direction for Microsoft, as it shows their commitment to providing businesses with new tools that help them protect and manage their data.



Zoho Workplace

Zoho Workplace is a cloud-based office productivity suite that provides everything from email to project management tools and analytics dashboards to manage your company’s overall health. You can also integrate Zoho into existing systems like Salesforce or Slack if you want more functionality than what comes standard with Zoho itself—that way, no matter where your employees are working, they’ll have access to all their files and tasks without needing multiple apps installed on each device! The suite includes apps for email, calendars, and tasks, as well as contact management and document sharing tools that allow multiple users to collaborate on documents in real-time. You can also add productivity apps like expense tracking or task management tools if you need more than what comes standard with Zoho itself without needing multiple apps installed on each device!




So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to move on from Google Workspace, check out these top alternatives. They’re all great options for the business user looking for something more robust and customizable than what Google offers. The most important thing to remember is that no matter which one you choose, it should be easy and intuitive to use and set up—or it won’t be worth using at all! If you have any questions about these service or how they can help your business, feel free to reach out to Spike on Twitter! One thing to consider, changing your email hosting service doesn’t solve your problem of a slow and clunky email app. Spike is a fast and easy way to upgrade any email experience without going through the trouble of migrating off of Google Workspace. All you need to do is sign in with your account and all your existing email will be waiting on you.

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