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Tarot Cards - behind the scenes of the campaign

Tomer Meshulam
By Tomer Meshulam, Updated on February 15, 2022, 4 min read
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Communication and the way we collaborate at work is ever-evolving. When we look at the tools we use to communicate at work, email is always a part of that; Plus a long list of different apps, and tools that are uncoordinated and cause the miscommunication we were trying to avoid in the first place.


Since email is the main hub for most communication at work, we decided to enhance traditional email and create something modern to include all the tools we need for work in one centralized place. Introducing Spike.


Spike combines everything you love about messenger, and integrates it into your email, along with adding the tools you need for work communication and collaboration right into your inbox! Spike is the revolutionary way to work with email, streamlining all your work tools to a single inbox, so you’ll never have to juggle apps again.

A Closer Look


Spike was built not only to make email better, but also to help you accomplish more at work and beyond. Spike re-imagined email to create a modern and effective  email solution that aligns with the way we naturally prefer to communicate and collaborate together on a daily basis. Our latest campaign brings to you a futuristic, and interactive experience with Tarot Cards that aligns with our brand in order to showcase Spike’s features in a fun and creative way.


Spike’s Tarot Cards gives you the ability to glance into the future of email. Each Tarot Card describes a feature, how it works and how it benefits your work persona.


Behind the Scenes of the Campaign

We believe that things are easier to understand, and are more enjoyable, when they are created in a fun and interactive way. The same idea goes into creating Spike.  Spike lets you add more expression, personality and joy to your communication. Like using Emojis and Gifs when sending messages and also the ability to record and send voice messages in your conversations. This is why we wanted the experience that will allow people to explore information in a dynamic and responsive way, to bring Spike’s brand to life. It was important for us to not only “deliver” the details of Spike features, but to really incorporate “an experience” that will be as innovative and exciting as Spikes’ powerful features.



The approach was to incorporate ‘Gamification’ elements to the project to engage with the viewers. Who doesn’t love games, quizzes and discovering how content relates to them? With that in mind – the ‘Tarot Card’ campaign was born.


Spike puts emphasis on the user experience in both the design of the cards and the Landing Page UX. In the Landing page you’ll discover content as you scroll–the content appears and disappears according to the user scroll pace, creating a more responsive and more personal experience.


Check out the Landing Page 


This campaign embodies how Spike created a platform with an intentionally powerful yet simple user interface that aims to help people excel at work in the most streamlined way, with personalized features for every workstyle. We organize conversations in Spike around people, and aim to create more clarity and focus by removing endless email threads and clutter to improve communication and collaboration for real people.


The Campaign In A Wider Lense




In a bigger picture–the Tarot Card campaign ties into our brand identity in a creative way to stretch the boundaries of our graphic language. We like to always take familiar elements and rework them into new materials like this campaign! In the Tarot Card campaign you might notice how it is actually based on Spikes’ main purple color and that many unique Spike elements are seen throughout. We used this technique to keep a cohesive brand look and enhance brand awareness by staying familiar to our users.




We also use our graphics in other exciting ways. We brought Tarot Cards to life with posters around the office, real Tarot Cards, and other fun swag!


Our brand is fun! We love to create new and exciting projects with cohesive ideas not only for our users but for our team too!



Our campaigns tend to have a flair for fun. Each campaign adds color and an extra layer of energy into the Spike worklife that aims to bring the Spike team together. We always include our team on the journey of campaigns, which in turn not only helps everyone feel more connected to the brand, but gives the design team a first-hand glimpse how real people feel and react – or interact to the campaign (it’s like our very own focus group).




We don’t know exactly what the future might hold but we do know what effective communication and collaboration looks like. And this new era of email is calling your name! Take the Tarot Card journey and discover the Spike experience in the most exciting way! We’ll be with you every step of the way to build toward a better world of communication and collaboration.

Tomer Meshulam
Tomer Meshulam Tomer is the Head of Design at Spike. His mission is to create smart combinations of clever and inspiring ideas, that work harmoniously together.

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