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By Sivan Kaspi, Updated on April 02, 2024, 12 min read
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It doesn’t matter if your business is small. To you, it’s a big deal. You throw every ounce of energy into it. Your every waking minute and all your best business ideas. The key to success? Well, that’s always elusive, however, you know that working as smart as you do hard is definitely the right direction. You also know that to achieve your dreams, to reach your goals, and to take your business to the next level, you’re going to need a little help. And the first place to start is with software for small businesses.


When it comes to small business management tools, Spike has you covered. Whether you’re the sole member of your organization or you’re busy building the perfect team, the right software can make a huge difference. You need to communicate freely, manage your time efficiently, collaborate creatively, and share sensitive data securely. You also need to keep an overview of everything that’s going on at all times. Like an all-seeing eye.


One Service To Help Your Business Grow

The problem with most small business email hosting services is that they still split your services across multiple apps. You’ve got your email in one place, your calendar in another, and then there’s your team chat app/service and cloud storage to switch between as you start fleshing out those winning ideas. Constantly changing apps is inconvenient and does nothing for your productivity or your budget


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But what’s worse is the ever-growing silos of information that these separate apps create. Your business needs to be dynamic and responsive as it develops and grows, and the best small business tools should help, not hinder your growth.


In June 2023, we took a giant leap forward with the launch of Spike Teamspace, an all-in-one email and team chat service meticulously designed to revolutionize how small-to-medium-sized businesses communicate and collaborate. Our vision is clear: to declutter users from multiple tools, eliminate time-consuming email management, and eliminate the fatigue of juggling multiple productivity apps.

Think about it. You need to schedule a meeting with a supplier (calendar). Organize a meeting room at your coworking space (email). Invite your product manager and sales rep to the party (instant messenger). AND share the latest growth projections securely so everyone is on the same page (email encryption). That’s four separate apps by some counts. Spike Teamspace does it all in one app and in one service.
So, instead of subscribing (and paying) for a whole bunch of productivity apps for your SMB, why not give Spike Teamspace a try. It’s about to change the face of email for good, and it’s made to help your business grow. It includes email hosting, our next generation productivity and chat app to handle everything your business needs to be profitable and productive.

Start-Up productivity boost – Use case:

“Spike removed me having to jump into my personal email via gmail, and having to log into my server to view my Dwellcome accounts separately. I can have my personal email with my startup emails and vice versa.”
Read more about Tom Pischel, start-up founder and entrepreneur, that uses Spike to manage his workflow and boost his productivity as he launches an app that is set to help people feel at home no matter where they move.


Here’s what you can expect with Spike Teamspace.


Real-Time Awareness with Conversational Email

Bring cutting-edge communications to all your devices with Conversational Email. It’s the perfect antidote to sluggish old legacy email email, and it’s ideal for small businesses who want to build real relationships with customers and clients. Real-time email awareness allows you to see when a contact has received and read your message. Knowing when to follow up can be a key way to help your business grow.

Conversational Email also ditches the whole concept of email threads, headers, and signatures, cleaning up your inbox and allowing you to concentrate purely on pushing your business forward through engaging conversation. It’s the perfect blend of email and instant messenger.


Keep Your Eye on The Prize with Priority Inbox

For CEOs and Leaders of small businesses, keeping up with priorities can be a challenge. Thankfully, Spike’s Priority Inbox pushes all your most important mail to the top, so you always have messages from your most valued contacts front and center. Other, less critical mail such as newsletters or subscription notifications get sent to your “Other” inbox—clearing the way so you can focus on the important stuff like helping grow your business.

priority inbox

It also allows you to pin specific emails that require immediate attention. You can pin those staff invoices that need to be paid. You can pin that funding application that needs to be completed. You can even pin that email from your branding manager who desperately wants you to (finally) decide on a logo for your nascent business.


Free Email Domain For Your Business

With Spike Teamspace, you get a free email domain with an annual plan. What does Spike’s free email domain bring you? You get an to end business email service. Whether you want to connect your current domain or get a new one from Spike, we’ve made it super simple either way. Plus, we offer all the good stuff like SSL certificates, WHOIS privacy, and super easy to manage DNS services to keep everything running smoothly for your business email.
Spike Teamspace helps your company maintain brand consistency by offering personalized email domains, with the added flexibility of multiple employee and team email accounts under a single domain. Unique and professional email addresses give your company the visibility and authenticity it deserves.
Migrating from your existing email provider to Spike is quick and simple, and you can create custom employee email accounts for team with no downtime. Enjoy a complimentary first year, afterwards, the price of the email domain depends on your Spike Teamspace plan.
If you’re a small business or a smaller team of up to five employees with basic needs, get started for free. For larger teams, or as your team grows, enjoy our full-featured plans, unlocking even more perks and awesome functionality!


Team Channels Keep Everyone Connected and Updated

Make teamwork a breeze with team channels in our Spike Teamspace service. Regardless of whether you’re managing a big project or kicking off a planning project, communicating across departments, or planning an office event, channels make it easy to bring everyone together. Team channels makes it easy to share files, hop on team calls, and keep everyone in the loop.
Every team member is automatically added when you create a new channel, eliminating the need for manual invites or app-switching. With Spike’s channels, communication and collaboration are hassle-free, so you can focus on achieving your goals.


Seamless Team Chat with Groups

Spike Groups brings you and your team collaboration together. Wherever you are. You can set up multiple team chats with managers, employees, freelancers, even clients, and anyone outside your company doesn’t need to be a Spike user to join the chat. It’s all done through email. Groups allows you to communicate in the same way you would with Slack alternative or Microsoft Teams alternative. Only it packs a punch—bringing together more of the features you need into a single, central app without requiring a new service to manage.


Set up a group for your web developers and discuss the direction and the (many) edits of your brand-new website. Bring together your legal team, whether internal or external, to stay ahead of any potential issues. Or you can just chat with your staff members about the best way to celebrate your ground breaking IPO. However you use Groups, you’ll love our next-level communication and collaboration tools.


Schedule Management with Calendar

Some people say that the real secret to success is simply better time management. And with Spike’s built-in Calendar, your schedule is easier to manage than ever before. Our calendar features are tied directly to your email. No more switching between apps to set appointments, and no more losing track of your schedule while you’re dealing with the mountains of messages you receive on a daily basis.

All calendars, in a single Unified Calendar

You can assign calendars to multiple email addresses, so you can manage your personal and professional lives at the same time. You can also set reminders for your most important meetings, conference calls, and “business” lunches with your team. Just remember to schedule those afternoon appointments a little later so you have time to digest.

Connect Face-to-Face with Video Meetings



Whether you’re crisscrossing the country talking to clients or you have many remote employees in locations around the world, maintaining working relationships with partners and staff is best achieved face to face. That’s why we integrated video meetings directly into your Inbox, giving you the best of email and conferencing in one place.


Start or join a meeting from any email or Group with no app switching or context switching, giving you the chance to keep all kinds of conversations flowing seamlessly. It’s as simple as clicking a button, and you can invite as many contacts as you like—even those using Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and the rest!


Touch base with your partners on your latest pitch, chat and collaborate with team members on important projects, get the whole company together for your all-hands meeting—wherever they are in the world. It’s fast, seamless, and all contained within the Spike app, so you never break your flow.


Speak Your Mind with Voice Messages



Sometimes, you just need to speak your mind, and while we love email, it can sometimes be a drag when ideas are forming in your mind at a million miles a minute. Thankfully, when inspiration strikes, you can simply record a voice message directly within the Spike app.


Emails, meetings, and conference calls can always be a little impersonal, and studies show that even just the sound of your voice can help to build stronger bonds. Voice messages are the perfect way to stay connected with your team, giving you the chance to get straight to the point to help your business grow.


You can record a voice message in any email, Group, or Note, and it’ll appear in line with the rest of your communications, making it easy to refer back to later. You can even use voice messages to cut out pointless meetings where no one has anything to say—simply record your 30-second message and skip the 30-minute meeting. It’s asynchronous communication at its best.


Plan Projects with Online Notes



Did you ever wish your business had a single, centralized digital workspace to plan, build, communicate, and edit? Well, Spike is here to grant you your wish with Notes! Whether you’re laying out your own ideas for your company’s mission, or collaborating with your staff on a big project, Notes lets you do it all in your Inbox to keep your business running smoothly.


The beauty of Notes lies in its flexibility. You can use as many as you like; keep them private or share them with your team; add words, images, code, or videos. You can integrate important files, to-do lists and set reminders on project deadlines. PLUS, you can access them anywhere, anytime! Mobile access and productivity are a MUST in today’s world to keep your business growing.


You can work with your remote graphic designers on your logo and promotional materials, sharing and updating images as you give feedback. You can hold asynchronous meetings to discuss your latest crowdfunding campaign, swapping ideas and discussing each to-do in detail. You can even just create a shopping list for the week if you want!


Stay on Top of Things with Tasks and To-Dos


spike Tasks


Keeping up with your tasks and to-dos can be a job in itself when you run a small business. Sure, you can download an app to help you out, but then you’re constantly switching between your inbox and the app—and let’s face it, most of your tasks end up in your inbox anyway!


Well, with Spike Tasks and To-Do Lists you can manage your email and plan your days/weeks/months all in the same place. What’s more, they’re fully collaborative so you can share task lists between your team for individual projects or general business


Let’s say you arrive in the office on Monday morning to a ton of emails. No problem! Simply create a to-do list within Spike and add all the tasks you need to complete for the week. Then, as you complete them, you can mark them as “Done”—or if you’re having problems, mark them as “In Progress” or “Stuck”!


Find Everything Instantly with Super Search


Spike Search

Important files have an uncanny knack for going for a walk when you need them most, and searching for that critical contract as a client walks through the door is a surefire way to raise your blood pressure. Thankfully though, Spike has solved the problem with Super Search.


As simple as it is practical, Super Search allows you to find anything you need without ever opening an email. In addition, all the attachments you’ve ever sent, received, or shared can be searched by keyword, subject, or contact, giving you instant access to your most important files.


So, whether you need to find that freelancer contract template for your latest remote team member or your accountant has asked for a long-forgotten expenses file, Super Search makes finding what you need quick and simple.

Preview Anything with Simple File Management

While we’re on the topic of essential files, finding them using Super Search is one thing. Accessing the information they contain is quite another. With most other email clients, you’ll download them and maybe lose them all over again in your messy desktop or downloads folder. Worse still, you might wait longer than you need to if you’re on the road with a scratchy internet connection.


However, with Spike’s simple File Management system, you can preview all the information contained within any document or file from your Inbox. So, whether it’s contact information, audio files, videos, documents, cloud files, images, and GIFs, you’ll be able to immediately access the info you need.

Streamline Your Workflow with Magic AI

Spike’s Magic AI — our next step in digital workspace evolution. This advanced toolset amplifies your ability to create, communicate, and collaborate in revolutionary ways. Here’s a bit about what you can do with Magic AI
Magic Compose: Create impeccable emails and messages in any tone, length, and format. All you need is a short prompt and Magic Compose will do the rest.
Magic Reply: Magic Reply seeks to simplify this process of return communication, ensuring that every reply is on-point and contextually attuned.
Magic Summaries: Whether it’s long documents, research papers, reports, or meeting notes, Spike’s Magic AI can quickly analyze the content and provide you with concise and relevant summaries.
Magic AI Bot: It excels at providing quick answers, assisting in diverse research tasks, crafting comprehensive articles, offering code solutions, and efficiently organizing data into tables. Spike’s AI bot was created to let teams work smarter – not harder.
To use Spike’s AI bot all you have to do is:

  • Send a message to
  • In the message body, write a prompt or request for brainstorming assistance.


AI Notes: Harness AI Notes’ capabilities to generate captivating blog topic ideas, effortlessly condense or enrich your notes, and even craft comprehensive articles with remarkable ease. It’s like having an experienced writing partner by your side.
Translations: Cross language is solved by translating your messages while preserving cultural nuances through Magic AI. This not only fosters better understanding but also strengthens global collaboration.


For more information on how Spike can help your small business, check out our pricing plans today. Additionally, stay tuned to the Spike blog or drop us a tweet a SpikeNowHQ.


Sivan Kaspi Sivan is the Director of Marketing at Spike. A firm believer that the right kind of tech actually helps us use it less, she is passionate about tools that improve our lives. She starts off each morning reviewing her Spike feed over a good cup of coffee.

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