Benefits of a seamless workflows with Spike

During traditional workflow, tasks, information or documents are passed from one participant to another for an action that needs to get done like editing, publishing etc. Spike seamless workflow can help you improve this process and help with team communication and productivity. Spike is the only unified workspace that doesn’t break your flow, by coupling the traditional tools of communication with the modern real time collaboration tools.
Benefit of having all in one place:
  • No need to jump from program to program – reading emails, writing Notes, sending Tasks, managing files are all in one place. All your work essentials are together in one place so jumping from windows and apps is no longer necessary.
  • Search through your workflow in one place – going through your online world has never been easier. You have one search box that will scan all your files, Notes and Tasks. This super power is even stronger when connecting all your accounts to one Unified Inbox.
  • Become more organized – staying organized is an obvious struggle, but when you need to keep only one place organized, is becomes much easier. Spike will even automatically sort through your emails to highlight your most important ones using Priority Inbox.
  • Don’t miss anything – every part of your workflow is centered in your email inbox so missing an important task someone sent over becomes impossible. Even if you want to deal with a Task later, snooze it and make the thread disappear from your Inbox and reappear again at the time you decided.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
    The biggest most frustrating time wasting activities resolved with Spike 2.0:
    • Not finding the email/file/Note you’re looking for. This is solved by having one Super Search bar that will go through EVERYTHING easily and will offer filters that will make the process even simpler.
    • Jumping from window to window and from app to app. Another problem we’re solving! Everything is now in one place. No need edit a file, forgetting to attach it to an email and sending the empty email to the recipient. Now we’re collaborating from one place and we can share our work with everyone, even if they are not using Spike.
    • Not knowing what’s the status on open Tasks. Your co-worker made some changes to a project you’re collaborating on? The Note will pop right to the top so you know exactly what’s going on.

We hope this was helpful!
If you go through these steps and still have trouble, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help 😎