Composing, editing and sending messages

Sending a new message with Spike? Check out our tips, tricks, and advice on how to harness Spike’s super collaboration powers and make emailing seamless and fun. Easily send images, files, voice notes, and more by following these simple steps!

How to send a new message:

Spike allows you to easily introduce yourself in a new message or start a fresh collaboration session to really put your ideas into motion.


It only takes a few taps on your phone or a few clicks of your mouse to begin a new message. Spike does everything for you (except taking those great ideas directly from your brain and putting them into the message for you).



  1. To send a new message, tap on the ‘New Message’ pen icon in the bottom, right corner.


  2. Select who you want to send the message to and tap on “Your message…” in the message composer to begin a conversation.


    Easily add attachments, pictures, GIFs, a location, and voice recordings by selecting the icons in the bottom toolbar.



  1. To send a new message, click on the ‘New Message’ pen icon in the bottom, right corner.

  2. Select who you want to send your message to and type your message in the space below where it says “Your message….” in the composer.

  3. You can format your message text using the toolbar at the bottom of the compose screen or by pressing the “<>” button to open the Full Editor.

    There, you can change text and background color, add attachments and links, and even insert GIFs or emojis from a complete library. 

Pro Tips: 

If you’re short on time, press  to add an attachment, and  to add GIFs.

To start a new conversation, press (or ctrl + N on windows).


Bonus Pro Tip:

Since Spike loves working with multiple accounts, press to change the account you are sending the message from. 



How to reply:


There are several ways to reply in Spike. The quickest way is to tap the bottom part of the conversation thread, where it says ‘Reply’ (if the previous message has a subject, it will also appear there).



Reply to a specific message within a thread:

  1. Long press on the message you wish to reply to.


  2. The message toolbar will pop up on top of the relevant message.


  3. Tap on the left arrow to reply.


  1. If you’d like to reply to a message within a thread, hover above the message you wish to reply to. A number of features will appear to the right of the message. To reply, click on the left arrow that appears. 

  2. If the message you’re replying to has a subject, it will appear in the compose window. You can cancel this default option by clicking on the small X next to the subject. 


How to choose between ‘Reply All’ and ‘Reply To’


Please note that by default, Spike is set to ‘Reply All.’

  1. Enter a thread with multiple recipients.

  2. Enter the Full Editor by tapping the  icon in the bottom right corner.

  3. Toggle between ‘Reply All’, ‘Reply’ and ‘Forward’ by tapping the icon in the top right corner.


How to Message a list of people with Spike?

Save time by preparing a list of recipients instead of typing them out individually!


Each list should contain all the relevant emails, separated by commas “,” like this:,,,


or by semicolons “;” like this:;;;


Once you’ve created your list, you can copy and paste it directly into the Recipients Field:



Star emails Pro Tip! You can create a Note to save all your mailing lists in one easily accessible place! 



Send a message to multiple people

Select or type multiple names from the contact list in the ‘To’ field. The list of the people you selected will be displayed on top, underneath the New Message header.  Once you’re done, start writing your message.



How can I CC/BCC?



  1. Tap on the ‘New Message’ icon or use your existing message.

  2. Pick your recipient(s).

  3. Once you’ve selected who to message, you can Cc or Bcc by tapping on the small downward arrow that’s located to the right of your selected contacts.


    You can also select a recipient’s name and choose from the list that appears Cc/Bcc.


  1. Click on the recipient you wish to Cc or Bcc and a window will appear with the options.

  2. You can also click on the small arrow next to your recipients’ names to change Cc or Bcc for the next addresses you wish to include.

How to forward:


  1. To forward a message within a thread, long-press on the message bubble to reveal the Actions Menu.


  2. Tap on the right arrow to forward the message.

  3. Another way to forward a message is by tapping on the message bubble. The message will then open to its expanded form.

    You’ll be able to forward the message by tapping the right arrow at the bottom.



    After adding the contact(s) you wish to forward the message to, you can add text, other attachments, or use the advanced send options.



  1. Right-click or hover over the message and click the three dots that appear.


    Click on ‘Forward’

Keyboard shortcuts:

To Forward on Mac: Forward_Keyboard_Shortcut Mac



To Forward on Windows: Ctrl+Alt+F


How to send a new message using an existing photo?


  1. Select the ‘New Message’ icon or use an existing message. 

  2. Select the picture icon.


  3. Select a photo from your camera roll and it will be added to the message!


  1. Select the ‘New Message’ icon or use your existing message. 

  2. Tap on the ‘Plus’ icon found on the right of the bottom toolbar.

  3. Choose an image from your desktop library or cloud account.

    Your chosen image then will appear in the compose window!

Drag and drop an attachment into Spike Desktop and Web

Drag and drop all file types into a message and out of Spike, straight to your desktop! All you have to do is simply drag the file you want into the conversation in Spike until a green plus icon will appear. Drop the file.


And there you have it: drag & drop at it’s best!


How to send a message with a new photo/video?



  1. Tap on the ‘New Message’ icon on the bottom right or use an existing message.

  2. Tap on the camera icon at the bottom left of your toolbar.


    A short tap will snap a photo and holding down on the button will take a video. The right button lets you toggle between the front and rear cameras.


    After taking either a picture or video, you will be directed to your message. Write your message normally and tap send!

How to send a quick message response on Mobile:


Setting up your pre-set quick responses:

  1. Swipe right or tap on your profile picture to open the Main Menu and go to Settings.

    Under Messaging, select Quick Messages.

  2. Add or edit as many Quick messages as you’d like:

  3. Once you’ve created your Quick Messages, you can enter any conversation and tap on the lightning bolt icon to choose the perfect Quick Message response:

How to send a voice message on Mobile

  1. Tap on the ‘New Message’ icon or go into an existing conversation.

  2. Tap on the ‘Microphone’ icon.

  3. Record your voice message while pushing the ‘Press and Hold to record’ icon.


  4. When you’re done, release the button.

    If it’s a new message, you’ll be directed to your Contact List.




How to send a new message with a doodle on Mobile:

  1. Tap on the ‘New Message’ icon or enter an existing thread.

  2. Select the plus icon on the very left of the bottom toolbar.


  3. Tap the brush icon.


  4. Doodle, draw, or write using the color palette and the different brush sizes. Tap ‘Done’ (top right).


    If it’s a new message, you’ll be directed to your Contact List.



How to schedule a message to Send Later on Desktop

Schedule your messages (also known as delaying messages) to be sent at a later date and time:

  1. Click the options arrow in the compose screen. When replying:  Click the “Full Editor” to find the options arrow.

  2. Click on Schedule Send and select to send later today, tomorrow, next week, or pick and date and time of your choosing.

Undo Send

You have 10 seconds to un-send a message!



  1. Long-press the message bubble.


  2. Tap the Unsend Message button.


    After 10 seconds the ‘Unsend Message’ will turn grey or disappear.


  1. Right-click the message or click the 3 dots next to the message and select ‘Unsend Message.’


    After 10 seconds the ‘Unsend Message’ will turn grey or disappear.

What does “Include Conversation History Quote” mean?

In traditional email, the message history is embedded in the message you send. This shows up as a long thread. In Spike, this is the default option as well. If you want to turn it off, meaning you do not want the message history with each email reply,  the conversation history will not be added to each email conversation.


In the image below you can see an example of what you receive with a traditional email (and with Spike while “show conversation history quote” is toggled).


With Spike, you technically don’t need this turned on since Conversation Mode allows you to see the entire conversation.



How can I share my location on Mobile?

  1. Create a new message or reply to an existing one.

  2. Tap on the ‘Plus’ icon, and then tap on ‘Location.’

  3. You’ll need to enable location access to share your current location.

  4. Pin a location on the map.

  5. Tap on the blue tick  on the bottom right corner to share your location.

We hope this was helpful!
If you go through these steps and still have trouble, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help 😎