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Spike's latest release brings less miscommunication and more confidence in your inbox.

By Sivan Kaspi, March 06, 2022, 4 min read

Spike is always looking for new and creative ways to help you manage your inbox. Each update is made with you in mind. We’re always improving the tools we use for communication and collaboration and make managing your inbox as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Unified Inbox

With Spike’s Unified Inbox you can combine multiple email accounts into one single feed instead of needing to switch between accounts, or login to Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, etc. separately. Having a Unified Inbox helps you save time and keep everything organized in one place.


Most of us have more than one email address, and each address serves its own purpose. When it comes to managing all of these email addresses it can get very messy with having to remember which document you sent from what account, or losing focus from app-switching–which is why seeing them in one place is so helpful. It not only reduces context switching by not having to switch between accounts, but also keeps communication focused, efficient and responsive. Being able to manage all of your accounts in one place ensures you don’t miss important messages, calendar events or files that come your way.


Some people like to avoid having a unified inbox because of the fear of sending a message from the wrong account, or not having enough clarity of which account is sending or receiving specific emails, messages, calendar events and so on. Now, Spike has solved that problem, with the latest update. Get even more clarity when using your Unified Inbox with our Account Color Coding.


Even more Clarity with Account Color Coding



Never get confused when using a unified inbox again!–customize each account with a specific color so you can easily differentiate between your email accounts and see what’s important in one glance.


No more worrying about sending an email from the wrong account, just choose a unique color to customize each inbox. The account’s custom color will appear on all messages, Groups, Notes and Tasks — even in search results!


Scanning your inbox:

You can then see “Color Coding“ in your feed, to easily see which account an email, Note or Task belongs to. As well as easily distinguishing your search results.

Sending a message:

Differentiate between Groups:

If you juggle between email accounts, you may have at least 1 personal account on top of another 2 business accounts, and maybe even some miscellaneous accounts, then Account Color Coding is going to make staying on top of your inbox so much simpler. You could color code each individual account or categorize your accounts and use the same color for all business accounts. The options for how you organize are up to you! Color coding has arrived to give you clarity in a glance! So you’ll never have to wonder which email account is sending what and be confident having all of your accounts in one place.


? Learn more about customizing your account colors here.



Get More Context in Groups



Using different Groups to manage different projects and teams? Whether you use Group for a one time project, or long term collaboration with a team, we’ve now made managing Groups even better. Now you can give each Group a description for better context! Define the Group so everyone will understand its purpose or use share status updates.


? See how to add a description to a Group here


More Control in Notes




You can now pop-out any Note into an external window– so you can work on different Notes simultaneously.


? How to view Notes side-by-side: Click on the expand icon at the top right of the Note to open any Note in an external window.



Improved Search, Notes Security & bug fixes




We enhanced the security of sharing Notes to be even more protected. Get peace-of-mind knowing that the control of your Notes is always in your hands. Plus we enhanced Super Search to be better, faster, & smarter! The search now displays edge cases.


And last but not least – to improve control over managing your account and it’s data, we’ve provided a more direct way to allow you to request to delete your account and data. You can find this button in the settings, under each account.


Be on the lookout for more Spike updates to upgrade your inbox, communication, collaboration and your workflow! We’re always looking to enhance the way we work, live and communicate.


Plus if you have feedback we’re always excited to hear from you, tweet us @spikenowhq and chat with us at

Sivan Kaspi Sivan is the Director of Marketing at Spike. A firm believer that the right kind of tech actually helps us use it less, she is passionate about tools that improve our lives. She starts off each morning reviewing her Spike feed over a good cup of coffee.

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