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Team Communication Made Simple: Get Your A-Team On Point

By Spike Team, October 18, 2018
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? If you have a problem. If no one else can help—and if you can

find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team ?


Everyone wants an A-Team on their side—but if Hannibal and those giant cigars wouldn’t comply with health & safety, if B.A. is just a little too surly, Face a bit too creepy, and Murdock way too unhinged for everyday office life, then maybe it’s time to think about how you can build your own.


That may be easier said than done, however, and while the boys usually got on like a house (or even a weapons cache) on fire, the gaps did sometimes appear. Most memorably when they tried to get B.A on a plane or in a helicopter. Getting your team to work as a well-oiled machine can be difficult, and it’s no secret that effective team communication is the holy grail of productivity—successful collaborations are built on it.


Today, with such a wealth of company communication apps at our disposal, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The silo mentality, where information is shared, stored, or edited across a variety of independent, self-contained apps is leaving us out of step with each other. In fact, it often seems that the tools designed to make our lives easier are, in reality, eating up valuable time and diminishing our ability to be truly creative.


Even the best team communication apps struggle to meet our ever-growing demands, and the way in which we speak, share and collaborate with each other has its fair share of issues. Email is great and everything, but useless if you need an immediate answer. On the other hand, instant messaging at work can be annoying, distracting, and sometimes confusing. Other collaborative tools and services on the market can help, but it probably means multiple apps and software installations that only add to the growing silo mentality.


Here at Spike, we think there is a better way, and we have exciting new ways for you to collaborate with your team and improve communication at work.



Get Planning

Let’s say you’ve just had a productive meeting, everyone is full of ideas about how to realize your company’s next big idea. You draw up a timeline of who needs to complete what and by which date, with each job dependent on the last. YOU know how to improve team communication at work but you quickly realize that everyone is following their own plan—some are updating calendars on their smartphones, others are drawing up schedules on a laptop, and a few are still rocking the old pen and paper method. You need to make a plan that everyone can access and that is easily updated by members of the team.


The Spike Calendar allows you to do just that—and it’s integrated directly within your email so it’s always to hand. Creating a team email address allows you to select the team calendar within Spike and seamlessly view and edit it alongside your other calendars. Members of your team can also view and edit the calendar ensuring that the plan is updated as you progress. You can easily color-code your calendar for easy identification, invite members to specific appointments, and include extra information on each appointment for reference. The calendar is the best way to make plans and push your team forward as a unit.



Get on The Same Page

You send a group email. No one answers. You wait. Then everyone answers at the same time—flooding your inbox with emails, raising your stress levels and leaving you drowning in information. It gets worse, you’re also part of a group chat on instant messenger and you forgot to open the app this morning. Then the Dropbox notifications start.


If it sounds like your average Monday morning, then perhaps it’s time to consolidate your productivity tools and discover a better way to communicate with a group. Managing all that information across multiple apps is not only time consuming but also creates more work for you. Using different apps with a team means you need to bring together information from a variety of sources, constantly switching between apps to get anything done. It also means that everyone on your team needs access to all of the same tools—whatever platform they are using, wherever they are working. Spike solves that problem and all you’ll ever need is an email address.


Spike is your all-in-one productivity tool designed to make team collaboration simple. By combining the best bits of both instant messenger and email, you can enjoy responsive communications and real-time conversations with your team members. You can bring your team together using Groups, a place to chat, collaborate and share—and anyone with an email (from any provider) is welcome to join the party.


Your inbox is now organized by people, letting you enjoy conversational email that encourages a creative team spirit. You can even chat face-to-face with using video and voice calls directly within the Spike app. All from within the same app. Bringing everyone together on the same page.



Get Sharing

Email attachments are so last century. Files are easily lost among endless threads, working versions are confused for one another and downloading documents is time-consuming and uses up your valuable storage space. Shared drives sometimes solve the problem, but everyone has their own favorite app, and when it comes to team collaboration this can be a nightmare. Spike does things a little differently.


Spike allows you to send your files to team members (either individually or in Groups) as you would using instant messenger—with an intuitive drag-and-drop function to make things quick and simple.

Here’s the best bit though. You will see ALL of your attachments previewed directly within your messages, and ALL of the files EVER sent you are accessible in an instant. Each file is organized by contact name, and you only ever download what you need.


Effective communication and teamwork is further enhanced through intelligent organization. Our Advanced Search allows you to easily find older files with a keyword, title, or even by contact, while File Manager displays everything you need in a clear and easily accessible format. Simple sharing is key to team collaboration, and we’ve designed cutting-edge team communication tools to help you keep information flowing freely and your and everyone moving towards the finish line.



Get Mobile

Unlike those giant blocks of plastic and silicon Wall Street Traders carried around when we hit peak A-Team in the 80s, smartphones are now small, sleek and perfect for team collaboration. Today, most companies and individuals have embraced the smartphone revolution, however, there are still plenty of obstacles in the way of a truly seamless mobile solution.


Many of us, in fact, use multiple mobile devices. Whether your smartphone on your daily commute, your laptop in a busy coffee shop, or your tablet in……well, anywhere the other two aren’t so handy. Effective team communication means being able to access collaborative communication tools wherever and whenever you need them.


Spike puts the true power of mobile directly in your hands, with support for ALL major platforms. whether Mac or Windows computers, iOS, Android, or Windows phones and tablets, your team can enjoy true multi-platform compatibility. You can even access Spike through a web browser and get access to all your messages, contacts, calendars and other collaborative tools when you’re away from your devices.

This means that you and your team will see exactly the same emails, files and productivity tools across all of devices in real time—making it easier than ever to communicate both in and out of the office. Spike brings you conversational email wherever you are and whenever you need it—making sure your team can collaborate ever more creatively through our truly innovative company communication app.


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