10 Proven Ways to Build an Email List in 2024

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By Spike Team, Updated on April 15, 2024, 3 min read

Email lists provide a direct line from your brand to your audience. This is critical for your marketing efforts given the multitude of brands all vying for consumer attention. The task of building a list of engaged subscribers, though challenging, is still possible. This blog explains how to get started building your list.



What Are the Features of a High-Quality Email List?

Email lists are permission-based. This means that every subscriber must explicitly opt-in to receive your emails. This helps to foster a sense of trust and engagement right from the start. Building a list organically is far more valuable than acquiring emails through purchase. Which often leads to lower engagement levels and higher unsubscribe rates.


Here are the key features that distinguish a top-tier list:

  • Permission-based: A quality email list is built using organic methods. Not by harvesting emails from databases, or by purchasing contacts.

  • Accurate and validated: It’s no use building a list of expired or unused domains. A quality list is frequently audited to ensure it contains valid, used email addresses.

  • Segmentable: Categorizing subscribers based on various criteria enables tailored and relevant communications.

  • Easy to unsubscribe: Allowing subscribers an easy opt-out option builds trust. It’s always appreciated when brands respect the consumer’s preferences.

  • Engaging content: Delivered emails must offer value. This involves crafting original, quality content

If your goal is to cultivate a list that delivers ROI, keep these tips in mind. They ensure the list grows in subscribers, and engages the audience.



How To Build An Email List

There are a variety of effective strategies for building an email list. We recommend diversifying your approach and trialing the different methods. This allows you to cater to various audiences and preferences, expand your subscriber base, and maximize the list’s effectiveness.



1. Embedding Opt-in Forms


Embedding visible opt-in forms provides a simple way for visitors to subscribe to your emails. The key is to embed the forms naturally, within the site’s content. While also ensuring that they’re eye-catching and compelling. Opt-in forms that disrupt the user experience tend to have a lower CTR.



2. Sign Up Buttons

Similarly, sign-up buttons help to grow an email list. Unlike forms, buttons are less visual so strategically optimizing the colors, placement, and CTAs is paramount.



3. Collect Emails at Networking Events

There’s nothing more organic than collecting leads in person. A networking event offers a great opportunity to grow your subscriber list. Try using a QR card to facilitate easy sign-ups.



4. Design Personalized Landing Pages

Tailored content that matches the audience will increase your subscription rates. Design personalized landing pages with compelling messages for the visitor



5. Offer Incentives

Incentives, such as free tools or downloadable resources motivate users to provide their email addresses. The exchange converts the interaction from an ask to a deal.



6. Host Online Contests

Hosting online contests is an engaging way to encourage email sign-ups. The prospect of winning motivates participation.



7. Provide Value

The content of your emails must provide value to keep subscribers engaged and prevent them from unsubscribing. For example, informative articles, exclusive deals, or insider insights.



8. Referral Program

A referral program rewards existing email list subscribers for bringing new ones to your list. This helps grow your list and engages your current audience by offering them incentives for their referrals. The Morning Brew does an amazing job of implementing this strategy.


9. Pop-ups

While pop-ups can be controversial, they can be an effective tool. Timing and placement are crucial to avoid annoying new customers.



10. Manual Outreach

Reaching out manually to potential subscribers can be time-consuming but highly effective, especially for B2B companies. You’ll want to make sure you have a content strategy that backs the invitation.



Wrap up on building an email list

As we’ve discussed, building an email list in 2024 requires a mix of traditional and innovative marketing techniques. Remember, your email list’s quality significantly impacts your marketing efforts’ effectiveness. Once you get someone on your list, you’ll have a direct line to them.

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