Whether on your desktop or smartphone, email notifications provide you with at-a-glance insights into the activity of your inbox. Including message previews and calendar events, alongside reminders and real-time updates, Spike gives you full control over your notifications so you can organize and automate your daily communications.


Here, we look at how to manage and control your notifications so you can make them work for you.


Can customizing my notifications help?

Too many notifications can be really annoying, mixing important messages with trivial ones. Spike changes all of that. Spike is designed so that messages and threads are automatically sorted into ‘Priority’ (people you know) and ‘Other’ (all other messages), this will allow you to easily customize your notifications. You can identify each contact with a unique sound or choose to get notified only for ‘Priority Messages’.


Notifications for ‘Priority’ and ‘Other’ inbox


Using Priority Inbox in Spike puts your most important mails front and center, and sends less important messages (such as newsletters, receipts, and other marketing emails) to your “Other” inbox.
You can manage notifications for both inboxes with just a few simple steps. Here we show you how.





  1. Swipe right or tap on your Profile picture to bring up the Main Menu
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Tap on the account you’d like to change to bring up its Account Settings
  4. Under New Message Notification, choose your preferred notifications for Priority and Other messages
  5. Under Badge, toggle the notifications for messages that are not under Priority


Priority email




  1. Click on your Profile picture on the top left to bring up the Main Menu
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Choose the account you’d like to change
  4. Under Badge, toggle the notifications for messages that are not under Priority


Spike email app


How to Control Email Notifications


Controlling your email notification is simple, allowing you to tailor how you are notified to find a system that works for you. Here we show you how.




  1. Swipe right to get to your main menu.
  2. Tap the gear icon on the top right, and select the desired account.
  3. Here you can personalize your new message notification from Priority and Other. You can also mute notifications for both.


Email notifications




  1. To control message notifications, tap on your profile picture on the top right corner.
  2. Click the gear icon Email settings
  3. Click the desired account.
  4. Turn on the desired notification settings.



How can I customize notifications from a specific person or thread?


If you want to customize how you are notified by contact, Spike makes the process simple. This means you can choose individual tones that allow you to instantly identify messages. Here we show you how.




  1. Tap to open the thread or entity you wish to customize.
  2. Tap on the top header of the thread (usually it is the name of the person or entity).
  3. Now you can choose the notification for your preference.


Notification email




  1. Click on the the thread or person you wish to customize.
  2. Click on the three dots on the top right.
  3. You will have the option to mute or enable notifications from that person or thread.


Custom notifications


How can I shut off alerts from other email apps?


  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and tap on the ‘Notification’ section.
  2. Select the old email service.
  3. Turn off ‘Allow Notification’.


Turn off email notifications

We hope this was helpful!
If you go through these steps and still have trouble, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help 😎