Why can Spike help?

Spike keeps things simple. By turning your email into a natural conversation, Spike clears the clutter and gets rid of endless, hard to follow, email threads. By organizing your inbox based on the people who talk to the most, and moving junk into your ‘Other’ inbox – see what matters first and deal with the rest later. Going between this view and traditional inbox is as easy as flipping a switch. Need channels? We have ‘Groups’ built into your inbox. All your different Calendars? Done. Find a single calendar right in your inbox. Want to know if someone read your message? Cool- we’ve got read receipts. Don’t want to forget to reply to an email? Got that too, with ‘Snooze.’ Not enough for you? Ok…

Video Calls. Voice calls. Voice Notes. We’ve got all that too. The smartest search you’ve ever seen is here in Spike. Sending sensitive info? We’ve got message Encryption. Don’t feel like typing? Send a GIF (yeah, we’ve got those right into your inbox too).  Ok, we’re tired from the list of endless features. Try Spike for yourself...it’s free to get started.

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