How to Boost Email Productivity — 7 Helpful Tips

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By Spike Team, Updated on February 06, 2024, 5 min read
Boost email productivity

Suppose you’re sick of the constant pings and buzz of email notifications, tired of an overflowing inbox, distracted by continuous newsletters and marketing emails, and overwhelmed by the never-ending flow of spam. In that case, it’s probably time to regain control of your inbox. However, as we all know only too well, email management can sometimes be a job in itself, eating up your valuable time and energy and damaging your productivity.


Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get on top of your inbox and boost email productivity—and usually, you can begin to regain control in just a few simple steps. So, if you’re tired and frustrated by email management before you’ve really begun your day, then check out these email productivity tips designed to help you take back your valuable time. Read on to learn more.



7 Email Tips to Step Up Your Productivity

Boost email productivity


Today, statistics suggest that 88% of people use email every day, with 80% using email for important work communication. However, while so many of us are tied to our inboxes on a daily basis, the amount of time we spend sorting, managing, and, of course, composing and replying to emails can be a real time drain. In fact, users spend more than two hours per day checking email, or to put that figure into perspective, more than 25% of a standard eight-hour workday.


However, by following our top tips for email productivity below, you can reclaim your day and organize your inbox for a big boost in productivity.

  1. Manage your notifications

    Notifications can act either as useful alerts for important messages or as constant drains on your attention, and by refining your notification settings, you can ensure they are the former. Choose desktop notifications for priority emails to minimize distractions and avoid relying on your phone since you’ll likely have a whole load of other alerts coming through. This will allow you to focus on critical messages without being constantly interrupted by non-urgent emails, clearing space for you to concentrate on other things.

  2. Allocate set times for inbox review

    By scheduling specific times to review your inbox, you can easily take back control of your messages and boost email productivity.  This means that you should allocate dedicated periods for this task instead of constantly checking and composing. For example, you could check email once daily in the morning, or if you are particularly busy, twice per day—once in the morning and once in the afternoon. This approach ensures you have the time to focus on other essential tasks by preventing interruptions and giving you an intentional and structured approach to email management.

  3. Use email templates

    Email templates provide a quick and efficient method of streamlining your communications processes. In fact, by creating and utilizing templates, you can deal with a whole host of routine inquiries with just a couple of clicks. Whether for project updates or customer inquiries, templates can save you time while providing consistency in your replies. This not only accelerates your email composition but also guarantees professional and standardized communications.

  4. Leverage inbox folder management & filtering

    Utilizing folders and filters can help improve the identification of messages based on priority, project, or sender. This ensures a structured approach to email management, reducing inbox clutter and ensuring everything is in its proper place. Firstly, this allows you to quickly and efficiently find specific emails while providing you with a comprehensive archive of messages sent and received. Secondly, your inbox will be cleaner and easier to navigate without the stress of email overload!

  5. Use scheduled send

    Scheduled send features allow you to optimize your day, meaning you can compose email replies during your allocated email checking window but send them at an appropriate time. This means emails can be delivered when they are more likely to be read and responded to promptly or if you are part of an international team during the recipients’ working hours. This ensures your messages reach recipients at the ideal time, ensuring they don’t get lost in the daily deluge of emails!

  6. Organize email subscriptions and unsubscribe from unnecessary emails

    By better organizing your email subscriptions, you can take back control of your inbox and reduce email overload. Regularly review and assess your subscriptions and unsubscribe from those no longer useful to you. Additionally, set up folders specifically for newsletters and promotional emails to reduce email clutter and bring back focus to essential messages that contribute to your productivity and professional growth.

  7. Use Conversational Email from Spike for better communication

    Spike’s Conversational Email allows you to boost productivity and improve communication by rethinking the way your inbox works! With Spike, you can utilize the power of email combined with the accessibility of instant messaging, giving you the best of both worlds. In addition, Spike ditches the long and confusing thread structure of traditional email and presents messages in a cleaner and more readable way without the repetitive email signatures. This means you can organize your inbox by people rather than threads, allowing you to connect easily with clients, customers, or colleagues, boosting productivity, and ensuring your communication is always on point!



Streamline Email Management With Spike

Spike for Teams


Email remains one of the most popular and well-used communication methods in the world, however, the struggle to maintain control of your inbox is something that everyone can relate to. The good news is that by changing a few of your habits, and working our email productivity tips into your daily routine, you can organize your inbox efficiently and create more time to focus on other tasks.


Spike’s Conversational Email is one way you can achieve this; however, with Groups, Channels, collaborative docs, tasks, and to-dos, plus our Magic AI features that automates all of your most mundane processes, you can lift your productivity to new heights! Download the Spike app today to discover more email productivity-enhancing features.

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