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By Spike Team, Updated on February 13, 2024, 4 min read
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Artificial Intelligence is the talk of the town…..or, more accurately, the talk of the entire world! We’ve moved from the frustrating limitations of chatbots and static FAQs to fully functioning LLM (large language models) in the blink of an eye, and although AI is still in its infancy, deep learning, and machine learning are set to grow these artificial neural networks exponentially over the coming years!


But, if all the talk of transformer-based architectures and prompt engineering is a little over your head, there’s no need to fret—Spike is here to remind you that science is simply magic that works. That’s why we’ve integrated our Magic AI into your favorite Conversational Email app…..and you can use it immediately!


But what is Magic AI, and how can you make it work for you? In this article, we’ll cover those questions and more, giving you all the information you need to leverage the power of Spike’s Magic AI tool and streamline your day.



What Is Spike’s Magic AI Tool?


Magic AI is an all-purpose generative AI assistant designed to make your life easier. It can answer questions, generate articles, summarize meeting minutes and emails, create code and build tables, and deliver brief and relevant research that can save you hours of web trawling. It’s fully interactive, allowing you to build on questions to dive deep into a topic or theme, and if you think you know better, you can ask Magic AI to rephrase, rewrite, or reconsider its answers.


Magic AI works seamlessly on the following tasks as part of your Conversational Email inbox.



Write at Super-Speed

Magic AI doesn’t ever suffer from writer’s block. It’s not built for procrastination. It never gets distracted or strays off-topic. Magic AI writes at super speed, giving you the tools you need to create all kinds of content with a single prompt. You can develop and refine any content it delivers by using more prompts, questions, corrections, and qualifications and keep a running theme going that allows you to build comprehensive texts in lightning-fast times. In addition, you can improve your writing in a single click and ask Magic AI to continue a text for you or make it shorter or longer.



Send Replies

Whether it’s a company-wide email summarizing the latest AGM or you simply need to shoot off a quick reply to a client or customer, Magic AI understands context and gives you the power to send quick email replies that wow! Simply add the information you need and prompt Magic AI to write your reply—it’s all instantly accessible through your inbox, and your replies are automatically placed within the respective thread or message. You can also send replies without input, and Magic AI allows you to tailor your reply with format, tone, and length options.



Summarize Complex Text

TLDR……when you need to get to the bottom line quickly, but the email you received from your boss is seemingly endless, Magic AI is on hand to summarize and sum up those long and winding texts to instantly give you the information you need. This means you can capture key points in a single click and answer each one with a targeted response. The best part is this feature is not limited to email, and you can summarize any text, from research papers to novels, giving you more time to concentrate on important tasks and freeing up your day for focus and creativity.



Research and Generate Ideas

Magic AI’s Open AI generator allows you to quickly and easily generate ideas backed up by solid research, ensuring everything you create is on point. Add your ideas into a Note and ask Magic AI to build on them, with problem-solving and comprehensive investigations into the practicalities of your thoughts made easier than ever before. What’s more, you can quickly turn those ideas into workable documents, with all the features of Magic AI helping you to create plans, outlines, briefs, strategies, and policies in just a few clicks.



Create and Comprehend Code

If you’re constantly bogged down in HTML code, JavaScript widgets are giving you a headache, and C++ is entirely alien to you, then Magic AI can lend a hand. With the ability to generate code snippets in a broad range of common programming languages, including Python, Ruby, and Swift, and a keen eye for finding errors in existing code, Magic AI is your go-to coding genius.



Tap Into the Power of Spike’s Magic AI Tool





With Magic AI, you can broaden your horizons and expand your capabilities even when you’re pushed for time. From instant email and insightful content generation through text summarization to intelligent research and idea generation (with a little coding help to boot), your inbox becomes a powerhouse of productivity designed to free up your time so you can concentrate on everything that requires a more human touch.


Download the Spike app today to discover the power of Magic AI yourself, and check out the resource section to learn more about how Spike can revolutionize your inbox.

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