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Oren Todoros
By Oren Todoros, Updated on November 21, 2023, 4 min read
Super Search

Do you often find yourself losing valuable time in the relentless pursuit of files buried deep within your emails and chat threads? If so, you’re not alone. The hours spent searching for important documents can be incredibly frustrating and counterproductive. Fortunately, there’s a solution that can save you from this chaos – it’s called “Spike’s Super Search.”

The Time Drain of File Hunting

Emails and messaging apps are integral to our communication and collaboration. While these tools have undoubtedly streamlined our work processes, they have also given rise to a common problem: the never-ending quest for files hidden within countless conversations and attachments.

Imagine this scenario: You urgently need to retrieve a crucial presentation you sent to a client last year. You vaguely recall the topic but have no idea where you filed it. Your quest begins with scrolling through email after email and navigating through lengthy chat threads, all in the hope of stumbling upon that elusive file. Does this sound familiar?

Various studies have quantified this impact, revealing some surprising statistics about the average time spent searching for information in the workplace.

On average, employees spend about 1.8 hours each day, or approximately 9.3 hours per week, searching for files and content while working. This estimate is particularly pronounced for managerial-level employees​​​​.

Advanced Search – Super Search

Spike’s advanced search feature, Super Search rescues you from the abyss of endless file hunting. With this powerful feature, you can find precisely what you need in a fraction of the time it would usually take. No more digging through your inbox or scrolling through chat threads.

  1. How to Utilize Super Search

    Using Spike’s Super Search is a breeze. Simply locate the 🔍 icon at the top of your messages bar and start typing what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a note, file, or something mentioned in a conversation, relevant results will quickly appear highlighted in yellow. Filtering the search works

    Quick tip: On mobile, you can also do a “long pull” down on your feed to open the search. Double-check that this works on Android too.

    Here’s what makes Super Search a game-changer:

  2. Search by Keyword, Subject, or Person

    Super Search allows you to search all messages and attachments you have ever sent, received or shared by keyword, subject, or specific person. All attachments related to your search are also displayed. The big advantage is that you don’t have to open individual emails. Looking for that initial draft of a presentation? Simply enter the relevant keywords and Super Search will do the rest.

  3. Filter by Person, Tag, Keyword, or File

    Do you want to narrow down your search even further? Super Search allows you to layer on filters by person, tag, keyword, and files. For instance, if you’re seeking files sent by a specific colleague, simply filter by their name and layer on the filter for “file” and then you will see all files sent by Susan, complete with previews.

    Filter by Person, Tag, Keyword, or File
  4. Search within Conversations

    Locating a specific message hidden within a lengthy conversation can be a daunting task. Spike’s in-conversation search feature comes to the rescue. You can now search within a specific conversation, channel, group, or search for documents and notes. Just type a keyword, and Spike will highlight all relevant results, including messages, contacts, and attachments.

The Significance of Super Search

Super Search is more than just a time-saver; it’s a productivity booster. It rescues you from the frustration of not being able to find what you’re looking for when you need it most. Forget about searching through multiple email addresses or embarking on endless scroll sessions. Super Search brings efficiency and organization to your digital workspace.

Save your team extra time in search for documents and files by using a unified communication platform with super search.


Absolutely! If you’re uncertain about which email address to search, you can also use Super Search under the ‘Unified’ category in Spike, making it even more convenient to find what you need.

The availability of Super Search depends on your Spike plan. With the ‘Free’ plan, you can search conversation history dating back 60 days. If you’re on the ‘Pro’ or ‘Business’ plans, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to your search history.

In a world where time is a precious commodity, Spike’s Super Search empowers you to regain control of your digital workspace, locate what you need effortlessly, and recapture the hours lost to futile searches. Bid farewell to the frustration of file hunting and embrace the efficiency of Super Search today. Your productivity will thank you.

Oren Todoros
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