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By Spike Team, September 15, 2019

A Real Alternative to Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook—it’s been around forever. In fact, it was first released way back in 1992. When MS-DOS was still a thing. When the internet was still just a baby. It’s a bit like your least-favorite aunt. Sitting in the corner of the room on Sundays. Quietly knitting ugly sweater after ugly sweater. Sure, everyone needs a sweater, but there are other ways to stay warm in winter. Ways that don’t involve being bothered by scratchy wool and off-color designs.


Outlook is still pretty popular, however, and despite its scratchy user interface and off-color feature-set, it’s still many PC users default option when it comes to email management. In part, this is down to the fact that it used to ship with new PCs by default—a pretty clever trick on the part of Microsoft. But just like that sour-faced, serial sweater-knitting grouch, it’s definitely outstayed its welcome. Here at Spike, we think it’s time for a change. And our approach to email is more like that fresh-faced, cool aunt who always brings cupcakes when she visits.


A New Approach to Email

There’s been plenty of Outlook alternatives over the years, some more successful than others. However, more often than not, they’ve stuck to the same old script, simply repackaging the same features and moving the odd thing around. It’s no joke to say that email is stuck in the last century, with clumsy formatting and time-consuming management tools making everyday communications a chore. So. if you’re looking for a Microsoft Outlook alternative that does things a little differently, then check out what Spike has to offer.


Spike ditches many of the old email conventions that you know from Outlook. Gone are the confusing headers, repetitive natures and other useless bits of information. Gone are the endless threads that tangle up your messages in webs of code. And gone is the staid old way of organizing email. Our Outlook alternative puts real-time email awareness at your fingertips, combining the best parts of instant messaging and conventional mail to bring you a truly modern communications solution. Emails are organized by people, and not threads, adding a more human touch to your email management. We call it Conversational Email. And it’s your new best friend!

outlook alternative

Take a look at how Spike stacks up against Outlook, and explore our powerful feature set that’s ready to change to way you communicate:


  • Outlook Inbox ➡️  Spike’s Priority Inbox does things a little differently. Instead of traditional folders and archiving, Spike organizes your email by contact, putting your most important messages at the top and filing less important newsletters and mail in the “Other” inbox.


  • Outlook “New Email” ➡️ No need to create new mails with a separate “subject” each time you want to speak to your contact list, just jump straight back into the conversation like you would with your favorite instant messenger. Your reply function is displayed on the same screen as your messages.


  • Outlook Groups ➡️ Spike Groups lets you set up a group and invite friends or colleagues just like in Outlook. Only now, you have real-time messaging and instant file sharing to push your collaborations to new heights.


  • Outlook Search ➡️ Advanced Search from Spike is so easy you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Contacts, mail, and files are displayed on single screen when you search by keyword. Plus, you can create your own tags and star important emails so you can find them easily later on.


  • Outlook Calendar ➡️ Our calendar uses the same screen as your email so you can quickly and easily cross-reference one with the other. No more switching between screens and no more missing important meetings!


  • Outlook Security ➡️ Spike employs powerful AES256 encryption to keep your data out of less benevolent hands! For Spike users, encrypted mails are displayed instantly. For non-Spike users, they’re just a click away!


  • Outlook Signatures ➡️ Pfffffft!  What a headache!



Reasons to Choose Spike as Your Alternative to Outlook for Email (and Much More)


For anyone who’s tired of managing email in the conventional way, Spike brings you an entirely new approach that also packs in plenty of other useful features. Check out this handy comparison table and measure up Spike as an alternative to Outlook.


Feature Spike Outlook
Inbox Priority Inbox provides streamlined email management Traditional email inbox
Messaging Conversational Email makes your email chat-live,  giving you more human way to stay in touch with your contacts Standard email messaging
Team Chat Groups brings you the best way to collaborate with your team No real-time messaging
Calendar Integrated calendar on the same screen as your email Separate screen for calendar features
Security Encrypted Email Messaging using the AES256 protocol Encryption through S/MIME
Searching Advanced Search makes finding emails and attachments simple Unreliable searching system
Other Features Send Later and Unsend give you greater control over your email Included



Groups — An Alternative to Outlook’s CC Standard

Outlook’s group messaging functionality is definitely stuck in the past, still using the CC and BCC messaging format that’s been around forever. It’s done a job, but Spike has something altogether better. Groups brings the quickest and easiest way to collaborate with your team or chat with your friends. It works just like your favorite messaging app, with real-time replies and read-receipts, but also packs a punch. You’ll find powerful email features seamlessly integrated into your group chat, so you can fire-off instant replies or compose a more detailed message. But the best part? There’s no need to download a separate app to take advantage of Groups, it’s all built into Spike.


Other Outlook task alternatives, such as Calendar and File Manager also bring an extra level of functionality to Spike. Calendar allows easy organization of your schedule, bringing multiple calendars attached to your email addresses together on a single screen, whereas File Manager and our Advanced Search function keep all of your files together in one place. Need to find an old invoice you sent last year? Just type in a keyword and Spike will display all your related files on a single, easy to navigate screen. It’s the simplest and most intuitive way to find all your data and documents.


A Clever Alternative to Outlook That’s Got Your Back


The Spike app packs a punch—and as an Outlook alternative, it’s got your back. We’re constantly developing features that are designed to make your life easier. We’re committed to bringing email into the 21st century.


Firstly, we’ve got a feature that we know anyone who always forgets to proofread is going to love. Unsend Message allows you to stop a message from being sent within ten seconds of hitting that paper plane. Forgot an attachment? Don’t worry. Made a terrible typo? Relax (although not for too long). Spike’s Unsend Message allows you to fix your mistake before anyone realized—it’s a kind of magic! 


Next up, we’ve got a powerful Send Later function that’s made for people who want to be more organized than ever before. Send Later lets you get down your best thoughts as they come to you, allowing you to compose and email whenever those bright ideas illuminate your synapses. Don’t worry about disturbing your colleagues at 3AM, however, you can use Send Later to schedule your email to be sent at a more civilized time. Choose a time and date to suit or simply click the send later today, tomorrow, or next week options for lightning-fast email scheduling.


Spike as an Outlook Alternative – The Final Word


For Microsoft fans who are ready to make a change, our Outlook alternative is on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android—as well as being accessible through your favorite web browser. It also safe and secure on any platform, with our Super Stealth Encryption ensuring your sensitive information is in good hands. But don’t take our word for it—download the app today and try Spike out for yourself. Additionally, keep up with all the latest from the Spike lab on our blog. We’re always releasing more innovative features designed to push your communications into the 21st century. Get on the same page as our Outlook alternative today. We know you’ll love it.



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