How to Send an Email to a Cellphone

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By Spike Team, Updated on March 18, 2024, 3 min read

Whether you have a friend who can’t tear themselves away from IMs or you’re urgently trying to get in touch with a colleague on leave, sometimes, you need to lean on good old SMS to break through communication overload and reach out to your contacts.


However, while standard SMS is pretty limited, there are other ways to land a message on your contact’s cellphone. The answer, of course, is through email, and if you didn’t already know it, there is a way to send an email through SMS networks and ensure it pops up front and center on your contact’s phone.


So, if you’ve ever wondered exactly how to send an email to a phone number, we’re here to show you and provide you with a 21st-century alternative through Spike’s Conversational Email app. Read on to learn more.



How to Send Email to Any Cellphone

The good news is that sending an email to any cellphone is simple, and with just a few bits of information, you can get a message to the recipient’s cell from your inbox. To do this, you must understand how SMS gateways work, have the recipient’s cell number, and find the SMS gateway address specific to the recipient’s carrier.


SMS gateways are communication channels that enable the transmission of emails to mobile devices as text messages. Think of them as translators, where emails are transformed into a language that is comprehensible to mobile phones, allowing you to send an email to a phone number.


It is comprised of 2 elements, and looks something like this:


  • Cellphone number@sms


So, if the recipient’s phone number is 123-456-7890, and they are on the Verizon network, the email address to reach their phone would be:




Remember, however, that each gateway is unique to the recipient’s carrier, so you will need to know which carrier they are on and then research the specific SMS gateway to send an email to a phone number. You can find the information on the carrier websites, or direct inquiries to the carrier’s customer support, as well as find comprehensive lists of carrier SMS gateways online.



Try Conversational Email with Spike

While of course, you can send an email to a cellphone, the limitations of SMS mean you will only ever be able to send raw text. However, what if there was a way to combine the power of email with the instant, chat-like format of instant messaging?


Well, we’re here to tell you that Spike’s Conversational Email does just that, giving you a feature-rich IM experience directly from your inbox.

Conversational Email ditches the confusing threads, drops the repetitive email signatures, and cleans up your inbox by putting people first and streamlining the way you communicate. In fact, by organizing emails by your contacts rather than traditional threads, you can access an SMS-like feed directly on your cellphone, lifting email above the conventional to make it truly conversational!


You can add attachments such as images, video, audio, and documents directly from your computer or the cloud. You can even instantly add emojis and GIFs to give your IMs a little more life. Finally, with full support for both fellow Spike users and those using other email clients, you don’t need to know your contact’s cell number or which network they are using.


So, download the Spike app today to discover how we have reimagined your inbox and created a 21st-century messaging experience that combines the best of instant messaging and email for comprehensive communications directly to and from your cellphone.

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