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By Spike Team, January 08, 2022, 3 min read
Spike Super Search

Most people fall into two camps with email organization. They either organize everything into particular folders (or labels in Gmail) so they can easily find it later, or they leave everything in their inbox without much care for organization. Here at Spike, we believe there is a better way to organize your inbox, though. It combines the two aforementioned strategies but leverages Spike’s Super Search technology to surface the right messages at the right time.


If we ever made Spike merchandise, we’d want to make a shirt that says Threads are Dead. Email threads served us well when email was something we did once a day to “catch up.” Today, email is a constant flow of information, work, ideas, and more. It’s where collaboration happens. For that reason, it’s time to stop worrying about having an organized inbox, and start using Spike’s productivity-enhancing tool and workspace.



How to Organize Your Inbox for Search



Spike revolutionizes communication via email. We transform your existing email into one clear workflow. With Spike, your email conversations are simplified easy-to-follow chat-like threads, and are accompanied by work tools like collaborative Notes/To-dos, video/audio messages, synced calendars, and more! When you start using Spike, it’s easier than ever to communicate and collaborate.


Spike is flexible for almost any workflow. For example, Spike’s People Mode lets you chat quickly and seamlessly with everyone—just like a chat app. It combines all existing email threads into a single conversation. If you want a more traditional approach, you can easily switch back to the regular Inbox Mode as well.


Regardless of how you like to manage your Inbox, Spike’s revolutionary search technology allows you to stop worrying about organizing your Inbox into labels or folders and just let go of that stress. If you’re looking for something, tap/click on Spike’s search icon and simply search for it. Spike’s Super Search will do the heavy lifting. You’ll save time by not worrying about where a message is located. Search, find, get to work – that’s the way with Spike.



Wrap Up: Friends Search, Enemies Organize

All the attachments you’ve ever sent, received or shared, can be searched by keyword, subject, or by a specific person. Spike lets you layer filters by person, tag, keyword, or file name. Spike’s Super Search is perfect for finding the first draft of a presentation you sent some time last year, that random joke someone said in an extended group message, or that PDF invoice you need for your expense report.



If you’re looking for a specific file that “Sally” sent you? Simply type “Sally” in Spike’s search, and Spike will show all the files sent or received by her with a preview window, so you don’t have to open every single email ever sent between the two of you.


With Spike’s Super Search, you can find:

  • Notes

  • Messages

  • Attachments

  • Contacts


We’ve got some advanced search tricks on our help center as well.


All you need is one word, and Spike handles the rest. Ready to search anything, find everything, without opening a single email? Download Spike for all of your devices to get started for free.

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