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Blue Mondays – Cutting Unproductive Meetings Short

By Spike Team, May 05, 2019

If you can believe it, you might be spending 50% of your precious working time in meetings. Yikes. There’s no escaping it, that’s a LOT of time. And the worst part? It’s dulling your creative edge and destroying your productivity. Could it be that so many of your “important” meetings are a waste of time? Probably….right?


If you’ve decided that enough is enough and you need a few inspired ways to cut meetings short, know that you are not alone. Let’s be real, no one likes meetings. Check out these top tips on how to get out of the conference room before Nigel begins another meandering question about how best to manage the kitchen cleaning rotation.



Block Out Shorter Meeting Times:

There’s nothing wrong with sending out a meeting invite that is for a maximum of 15-minutes. In fact, if people show up prepared, usually everything that needs to be discussed can be thrashed out and put into action in a short window.  Restricting meeting times keeps everyone focused and on point.



Send Out Preemptive Messages:

Instead of surprising the workforce with the meeting agenda upon their arrival, why not provide a 3-point breakdown ahead of time? Calendar from Spike is the perfect place to do this, letting you seamlessly send out a meeting invite with the required information—giving everyone access to the agenda whenever and wherever they are. All directly from within their email app. it’s the perfect way to get everyone on the same page BEFORE the meeting begins.



Stick to the Agenda:

Certain personality types will use meetings as a way to show off or hear themselves talk. Although we’re not advocating for you to be a seriously intense manager, we are recommending to try and stick to the meeting agenda. If someone (Nigel of course!) starts rambling about another topic, politely cut them off and remind everyone to schedule a new get-together for future concerns.



Keep Meetings Small if Possible:

Although it’s a great idea to have office-wide meetings from time to time, in other instances, keep meetings on the smaller side. If it’s a meeting about a particular project, invite the stakeholders for that project. If someone doesn’t have to be there, leave them out so they can focus on their work. Fewer people = more focus. It’s simple.



Actually Finish on Time:

The only way you are going to tell your staff that meetings are a waste of time, is if you actually end the meeting on time. Put your money where your mouth is and cut the conversation at the time you promised you would cut it. Next time, people will show up and take it more seriously with their prep work.



Streamline Communication:

Many times, meetings happen because teams can’t seem to cover communication through the usual channels. Consider how you can improve communication in the workplace so that meetings are a last resort. If that doesn’t solve your problem, try holding “pop-up” meetings using voice, video, or messaging to iron out issues on the spot. It’ll save you loads of time, plus it’s even more effective when working with remote teams.



Ready to Cut the Meeting Short?

If you’re finally calling time on those pointless meetings, see how Spike can help you put our top tips into action. You’ll find our Conversational Email will streamline your communications and give you to tools you need to get your team on the same page—before you have to bother organizing another meeting. The result is a happier, more productive workforce that’s ready to show up every day.

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