Through the Leader's Lens: Interview with Einav Maya, SVP Marketing at Equitybee

Lisa Raz
By Lisa Raz, Updated on June 05, 2023, 4 min read

I’m excited to launch “Through the Leader’s Lens: Insights into Effective Team Management,” an exclusive interview series that explores the minds of exceptional team leaders.
In this series, we’ll be diving deep into the wealth of knowledge and experience that successful business leaders have collected over the years. We’re talking about the real deal when it comes to team management, communication, and collaboration, that gets results.
Aspiring leaders and industry enthusiasts, like yourself, are hungry for inspiration and creative ideas. We know that these leaders have got some invaluable insights and guidance to offer the next generation of leaders.
In the first edition of the series, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Einav Maya, the SVP of Marketing at Equitybee.



Einav has consistently demonstrated her exceptional ability to navigate complex team dynamics and drive impactful results. Join us as we explore her journey, gain valuable insights into effective team management, and uncover the strategies that have propelled her success.
Get ready to take a look “Through the Leader’s Lens” and uncover valuable insights into building and leading high-performing teams. Let’s jump right in!


What is your leadership philosophy when it comes to creating and maintaining a collaborative and aligned team environment?

Transparency, objectives, and KPIs setting, make sure there is an alignment and understanding of where we want to reach, and everyone knows their part in it.
High demands but to provide tools to reach them (if you are good) and to set an example.

How do you build and maintain trust with your team members to create a positive work environment?

I make an effort to provide them with the framework and guidelines to be completely independent and try to provide feedback on almost everything they do. I also invest a lot of time to get to know them and share about myself as part of a relationship that is being built.

How do you manage conflicts or disagreements within the team to ensure that everyone is working together effectively?

I first let the relevant parties try and solve it between themselves. I will advise but will not take an actual part in deciding on the solution – only if that doesn’t work I will take an active part in an open discussion with the managers that the conflict involves or their team’s. I also make sure the team is sticking to facts validated by numbers and that they/we write everything so we can circle back to decisions and past discussions.



How do you promote team building/bonding?

We have our small things – once a week we go out for lunch altogether – we occasionally get together for fun things unrelated to work events (like concerts, spontaneous drinks after work). Whatsapp group, celebrate personal events with small attention like a cake on birthdays (beyond the company).
But I believe that creating a good workflow and an open and safe environment for discussion can contribute a lot – in our weekly performance meetings, there are always funny things that are more personal than professional that we make sure to have time for.

How do you help your team manage the constant overload of information both within your organization and from external sources?

The department priorities are based on department OKRs which we make sure to clarify the order of importance and priority within everything. However, I also believe that if people understand what we are trying to achieve it will be easier for them to prioritize independently, and escalate to their manager (or to me if needed) if they get stuck.


How do you ensure that every team member is aware of their individual goals, as well as the team’s goals and that they are working towards achieving them?

We use OKRs at the company level and OKRs on the department level. They guide the execution and work plans which every team member writes (with guidelines) on their own. We also track progress on main department KPIs on a weekly basis, and on a monthly basis, we have a department meeting presenting the department’s performance and people sharing their areas of focus, wins, challenges, and learnings.

Looking back at your career, were there any managers that were influential to your growth and your management style today?

I think I try to learn from everyone I work with, not only my team. What to do and what not to do. However, as you become a more experienced manager you learn your weaknesses and strengths and I think you shouldn’t be ashamed in communicating this with your team and peers.



A big thank you to our guest, Einav Maya, for sharing her time, expertise, and valuable insights with us. Her contributions to “Through the Leader’s Lens” will continue to provide aspiring leaders with inspiration and guidance on their own leadership journeys.
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