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Legacy email and phone calls have been around for a long time. They’ve served us well, but they’re not the best tools for collaboration anymore. Traditional email clients are slow and inefficient, while phone calls often result in delays and misunderstandings. Many companies have realized this and begun implementing team chat tools as a part of their daily team workflow. Team chat services offer many benefits that can increase productivity for remote and hybrid teams. Read on to learn why implementing a team chat tool might be the secret sauce to improving your team’s productivity and collaboration.



Team Chat Tools Deliver Greater Productivity for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Team chat tools deliver greater productivity for remote and hybrid teams. As teams have dispersed from side-by-side to remote collaboration, there is an increased need for communication tools to help teams collaborate effectively. This is especially true for hybrid teams, which consist of employees who work remotely at least part-time. Some recent statistics around workplace communication failures should alarm company leaders:


  • 86% of employees and executives believe the lack of effective collaboration and communication is the leading cause of communication failures.
  • When employees have better communication options, productivity can increase by up to 30%.
  • 97% of employees believe communication impacts their productivity
  • Communication failures could be costing businesses around $37 billion annually.


Here are some benefits of using team chat tools over legacy communication tools:


  • You’ll be able to instantly communicate with your team members, whether across the room or the ocean.
  • All chat content remains in a place where it’s instantly searchable when you’re looking for text, attachments, and more.
  • Team chat tools make it easy to keep track of messages, files, and tasks, so there’s less back and forth between team members.


The other major downside of email is that it can distract people from their work by forcing them to constantly check for new messages. Studies have shown that the average person checks their legacy email 15 times daily and spends 28% of their workday reading or writing messages. These distractions lead to decreased productivity and lower levels of satisfaction at work. Team chat tools make it easier for your team to track who’s working on what. This can lead to more productive meetings, as well as improved collaboration.


Improve Your Team Productivity With A Chat App

Legacy Tools, Like Traditional Email and Phone Calls, can Result in Delays



Traditional email is not a real-time communication tool, and it can be a frustrating experience for teams that need to share information immediately. The idea of email was designed for a world that moved at a fraction of the world’s pace today. People expect responses to messages in minutes, if not seconds. The idea of takings hours or days to respond to an email doesn’t scale for the business world in 2022.


In addition, legacy tools like phone calls can be clunky. They’re inconvenient and can lead to lost productivity as teams wait for everyone to get on the same page. These conversations are quickly lost as soon as the parties hang up the call. None of this information is searchable in the future as well.


The stark reality is the tools of business from a decade ago (legacy email and phone calls) aren’t going to put your business in a position to succeed in the 2020s and beyond. Teams must move faster with greater levels of collaboration.



A team Chat Service Allows Companies to Provide Real-Time Updates

Team chat tools allow companies to provide real-time updates. When a new client is added to your pipeline, you can immediately see it on the team’s group chat, and everyone will be notified. This also applies to important announcements from management or other employees. Seeing these things in real-time is crucial because it allows teams to collaborate more efficiently and effectively than they could otherwise.


Team chat tools allow real-time collaboration by enabling employees to work together on various projects simultaneously through the same platform with ease. Instead of having one employee write up a proposal while another edits it, both parties can edit simultaneously without worrying about conflicting versions or lost changes due to an outdated document versioning system (like Word). Team chat tools make collaboration seamless because every member has access through their desktop/laptop computer or mobile device at all times so long as there is internet access available where they are working from!



Team Chat Tools Maximize Productivity

Productivity is about more than working hard. It’s also about working smart and getting things done. In today’s world, many of us work remotely from home offices or co-working spaces. This can be great for our careers, but it can also make it harder to stay connected with our teams and keep the lines of communication open at all times.


Team chat tools help solve this problem by making it easy for coworkers to check in and share information whenever needed. With a team chat tool, you can ask questions about work that needs to get done or tell someone about an idea you have for improving the project. You can even set up group chats so everyone on your team can access the same information simultaneously.

Here are some other ways team chat tools enhance productivity:

  • You don't need to schedule meetings

    You can just jump into a conversation whenever you want without having to set up a meeting beforehand.

  • You don't need to send slow emails

    Team chat tools make it easier for your team members to communicate with each other quickly without having to send long emails back and forth.

  • You can keep track of conversations

    If someone asks you a question requiring further discussion, you’ll know immediately instead of finding an old email thread.


The Best Team Messaging Service Should be Available on all Devices



The best team messaging service should be available on all devices. Whether you’re typing a message from your Mac or PC, iPhone or Android device, or even the web – it should be accessible everywhere. The reason for this is simple: if someone can’t get access to the tool from their preferred device, they won’t use it at all—and that’s a missed opportunity for productivity and collaboration with their team. They won’t use the service, limiting the benefits for the entire team.


The best team messaging services also offer security features (like two-factor authentication) to ensure that information stays confidential and secure. This is especially important when dealing with sensitive information such as customer records or private health data. In a world where everyone feels like they’re being tracked, team chat services for the workplace should focus on privacy instead of selling user data.



A Good Team Messaging Tool Should Have a Robust set of Features

A good team messaging tool should have a robust set of features. Some of the more important ones include:

  • File sharing (the ability to upload images and documents to a channel)

  • Group chat and private messaging

  • Team-wide notifications that can be customized by channel, type and/or group or user

  • Reduces your need for other tools

  • Built-in calendar

  • One click to launch a video meeting

  • Snooze and scheduled send

  • Task management

  • Super search functionality that can find messages, files, and more


Team Chat Tools Offer Many Benefits to Increase Productivity for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Team chat tools offer many benefits to increasing productivity for remote and hybrid teams.


  • The ideal team chat tools will be available on all devices. Without access on all your devices and platforms, the benefits can’t be realized by all of your teammates.  
  • The team chat tools allow companies to provide real-time updates to everyone in the organization. This is especially helpful if you have multiple teams working on different aspects of one product or website that need to be updated quickly when something changes (like an error message). You can update each team member in real-time, so they all know what’s going on with each other’s work and their own tasks without having to go through someone else before getting feedback. There’s no complicated JIRA tickets, slow emails, or redundant hourly stand-ups.
  • Files and images can be shared via team chat tools. This is helpful for companies that want to show their employees what the product or website looks like before it’s launched so they can make any final tweaks before release. 



Unlock Team Productivity with Spike’s Team Chat 

Spike’s Team Communication Solution


When using Spike as your email app, you get team chat using your existing email address. Spike turns clunky and confusing email threads into a streamlined messaging system. Long gone are the days of repetitive email signatures clogging your inbox. Spike lets all your messages go at the speed of light without friction, but for folks not yet using Spike, they’ll get a professional-looking email. It’s email, but as fast and streamlined as a team chat service.


Spike Groups are the quickest and easiest way to collaborate with your team. With Spike as your team chat tool, you create a Group for any team, project, or client—anything relevant to your business—and collaborate just like you would face to face. Groups saves everyone from endless email threads, bringing productivity to dizzying new heights. You need a simple and functional collaboration tool to help you plan, manage and execute together in real-time, and we’ve got just the thing. It’s the perfect implementation of email chat.


Spike brings Instant access, real-time replies, and a simple app in team collaboration app to make your project easier to manage than ever before – keeping you in the loop at all times. It’s also the simplest way to find any attachments or files, giving everyone access to the files they need when needed.



Wrap Up

Team chat tools can be an invaluable tool for your team. They enable you to keep everyone on the same page without scheduling meetings or sending email chains.


Why Use a Team Chat Tool? Team chat tools are great for keeping everyone in the loop, which is especially helpful when some team members aren’t in the office daily. They make it easy for remote workers and managers to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the office without having to schedule a meeting or send an email chain. And if someone needs help with something, they can just type a quick message into the chat room and get an answer from someone who knows what they’re doing (even if that person is thousands of miles away).


Team chat tools also make it easier for teams to collaborate during projects because they allow people to share documents directly within the app — no more sending emails back and forth asking “What version did you save that file as?” or trying to remember where you left off when someone else takes over your work.


If you want your team members to be more productive, encourage them to join a team chat tool like Spike.

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