Four Apps to Simplify Team Collaboration

By Spike Team, September 10, 2020
team collaboration

Spike is a digital workspace that creates a single place for you to email, collaborate, and manage projects. Without needing to switch apps, you can manage your Inbox, share files inside of Spike Notes, check your Calendar, create a to-do list, and much more. Most email apps just let you read and respond to email, and require you to launch other apps to handle the rest of your work––creating a dizzying headache of multiple tabs and windows. No one needs that. But with Spike, it’s all built into a single digital workspace. Let’s take a look at how Spike makes team collaboration as easy as pie.  





Team Collaboration


Spike Groups bring team chat out of iMessage, Slack, Teams, and WhatsApp and into your email app. Groups can be created for specific topics even with the same people to keep conversations focused on a particular topic. Are you planning a major product launch? Use Spike Groups to plan every aspect of it. Even people who don’t use Spike can join the fun (messages within the group appear as regular emails for non-Spike users).


Notes and Tasks

task list


When you break down your essential work apps, being able to take notes and manage tasks is how we spend a lot of our time. In fact, at Spike, we run our operations primarily from Spike Notes and Spike Tasks.


Inside Spike Notes, you can create a to-do list to plan a project, your home renovation, build a marketing plan, and much more. With real-time collaboration, teammates can see exactly where everything is at by looking at the history and reviewing comments, and verify the project is on track. You can add tables, charts, color-code, and assign tasks in a snap to create a project management hub that works for you. 


Spike Notes also acts as a file storage solution for sharing documents with your team. Do you have some image mockups you want to gather opinions on? Drop them in a Spike Note, resize them, and then share with coworkers to make comments. Spike can handle all types of files, from PDFs to movies, so add your invoices, receipts, pictures, Word files, and much more.


Want to share or collaborate on a note or to-do list with someone outside your organization? Let’s say like, the contractor doing your home renovation? No problem! Just share the link with them. Any time they mark an item as done or make an update, it’ll automatically pop to the top of your feed so you’ll know it’s being worked on.


Audio & Video Calls

Video Conferencing


Spike simplifies your workflow even more by eliminating the need for separate video or audio conferencing solutions. Touch base with your team to see how they’re doing, what you can help with, and more. Click on your contact list to make a call with one click.


Conversational Email

team collaboration


People are drawn to messenger applications because they’re fast and convenient. Spike makes email just as fast and even more convenient since it negates the need for a second application. Send GIFs, Quick Replies, or give a quick thumbs up to take your team’s productivity to new heights.


What are some of your favorite Spike features that you use either alone or with your team to boost productivity? Let us know by dropping us a line at or by Tweeting us @SpikeNowHQ.

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