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By Spike Team, September 08, 2020
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We work together, live together, socialize together. In fact, collaboration and cooperation is at the very core of being human. No one is an island. 


However, despite the ubiquity of instant messaging, the rise and rise of team chat platforms and collaborative digital spaces, many people’s go-to for group chat is still email. If you’ve ever gotten one of those emails that CC in a hundred people (and more) then you know the drill. You know the avalanche of messages, headers, signatures, attachments and misdirected messages. You know the pain! 


You also know that there’s really no need to still be doing this in 2020. 


As an alternative to huge email chains, you might get everyone within a company working on the same platform (if you are an expert cat herder). But even with collaboration platforms like Slack, you can only add guests through a paid membership and the guests still have to create their own account to use it—not ideal when you want to be able to effectively communicate with external contractors, clients or freelancers.


There is a better way though and it’s all contained within Spike Groups.


Spike uses your email, which everyone already has, but in innovative and exciting ways, allowing you to easily create team group chat via email that anyone can be part of!  


Spike Group Chat via Email

Spike Groups offers you a simple way to collaborate with multiple people at the same time, whether they have a Spike account or not. It boosts productivity by allowing you to plan, manage, and work together in real-time, giving you the opportunity to create new group chat email for any number of people. You can set up groups per client, per project, or per anything else. And the best part? Anyone can participate on any platform without worrying about threads, recipients, or signing up to anything. 


Using groups is ideal for small businesses or freelancers that have many clients. It allows everyone to stay in touch without having to deal with yet another chat platform. If you’re a Spike user, simply set up the Group and send the invite, your collaborators can easily participate without worrying about downloading anything, without having to manage another app, and without having to worry about missing important information. 


But why is this better than the old CC or BCC standards?


First, nobody is perfect. We’ve all made that rookie error of clicking the “reply” rather than the “reply all” button, then sat there wondering why nobody has said anything, eventually realizing (always too late) that you’ve broken the entire thread. With Spike Groups, you can simply reply in-line through any email client or your browser. Never again will a member be missed, keeping everyone in the loop and up to date.


Next, Spike Groups ditches all that useless data that comes along with standard email. Gone are the headers and signatures, gone are the irritating inspirational quotes from questionable sources, and gone is the inconvenient and ugly email formatting and stuffy “Dear Johns….”. Everything is laid out in a clean and easy to manage instant-chat style user interface—just fire off a reply and forget about convention! 


But what if you don’t want to be part of the group anymore? Sometimes you get stuck in a conversation that makes you wish you’d kept your mouth shut from the beginning!. Sometimes, you just have to walk away. With Spike Groups you can do just that (digitally speaking). No more “hey guys, I think I’m still CC’d in this conversation” or “can SOMEONE PLEASE un-CC me?” only to keep getting notifications every time someone sends a picture of their kid at Halloween.


Even non-Spike users are presented with a simple “Leave Group” button in the footer of their email that allows them to leave the chat without having to say a word. Click, confirm, and you’re away! It presents and operates just as a regular email for non-Spike users––so using it for them is seamless! Spike Groups is designed to be simple, clean, and easy to use for everyone, even non-Spike users, allowing you to collaborate with anyone and leave at any time. 


group chat email


For Spike users, the benefits extend even further. You can quickly and easily see what has been said and how it relates to the rest of the conversation by scrolling through messages (emails) like a chat. What’s more, attachments no longer pile up and get lost! Files, images and more can be uploaded from your computer or directly from numerous cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. These can then be previewed within the Group by all members or, for quick access, are listed alongside specific Group members in the info box.


This might all be starting to sound a little complicated, but setting up a group chat using email is actually very simple!


How to Make a Group Chat in Email with Spike

Setting up a Spike Group is super easy….and free for everyone! It can be done on your phone, via a web browser, or using the Spike desktop app. Whatever platform works best for you, it’s just as easy to start creating group chats using email.

  1. Head into Spike and select the Groups icon (that’s the five little dots).

  2. Select one of the premade group templates, such as Project, Family, and Study Group, or click the big “plus” symbol at the bottom of the screen to make a Group from scratch.

  3. Now select the group profile pic so you can recognize your different Spike Groups at a glance. Use a pre-set symbol, select one of the other available symbols, upload an image from your computer (or phone), or search the web for a picture right from within Spike.

  4. Give your group a name! Make sure it’s recognisable and descriptive so other members know what the group is for and you can quickly navigate to it from within your Spike interface.

  5. Add members to your new group by selecting contacts from your list or typing in an email address.


That’s it! Now you can have instant-style group chats using email with clients, colleagues, friends, family and more whether they use Spike or not.


There’s also no need to scroll through your inbox to find group messages. You can quickly access group chats from within Spike by navigating to the Groups section (the five little dots) where all current groups will be listed. From there, you can select a chat to see the messages and any shared documents. You can also select the Group to see who is currently a member, to add new members, and to change details such as the name and image.


Group Email Chat. Upgraded!

Up your collaborative game even further by using Groups in tandem with Spike’s other tools.


Create a Spike Note and you can share it directly with your Spike Groups, rather than having to add each contact individually. You can then use this Note to collaborate further, adding to-do lists, images, videos, GIFs and more. Jot down ideas as a group, leave comments and messages. 


The collaborative sky is the limit! And if you need to talk about it, you can use the in-built live chat or just shoot an email to the Group without ever leaving the app! The same can be done for Spike Tasks, which allows you to quickly align everyone’s responsibilities in a single place within a single app. And remember, all of these tools can be shared with non-Spike users too!


Need to arrange a meeting, event or even a deadline? You can access your Calendar and invite entire Spike Groups in a single click, just like with Notes. Keep everyone dancing to the same beat, and increase your team’s productivity, by never missing meetings or skipping get-togethers again.


Spike makes email group chat easier than ever, even for non-Spike users. With all the productivity tools available in Spike, and the integration between Groups and Conversational Email, it makes sense to get a free Spike account, but by keeping group chat via email rather than platform, Spike allows you to collaborate as far and wide as you need.


For more tips on collaboration, as well as info on the best ways to boost your personal productivity, check out the Spike blog. Or hit us up on twitter @SpikeNowHQ to let us know how you’ve used Spike Groups to improve your collaboration.  

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