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You know what they say, two heads are better than one. But maybe that should be three, or four. Hell…let’s just call it five or more. In truth, regardless of how many bright sparks and creative souls your team is comprised of, company collaboration brings with it a whole host of benefits. It provides increased flexibility to your organization, helps engage employees and foster healthier working environments, and can even bring about the next revolutionary idea that will push your company ahead of the curve.


There’s no denying it. Collaboration is the lifeblood of successful companies.


However, ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to collaborative work can sometimes seem more of a hassle than it’s worth. Managing projects across multiple teams, both in-office and remote, takes organization and planning. It also takes a little help from the best team collaboration tools on the market.


So, for start-ups and small businesses everywhere, Spike’s here to point you in the right direction with a rundown of the best team collaboration software available on the market. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of each platform and discover the best app for your needs.


SpikeBest Collaboration App for Seamless Communication



Sometimes, less is more, and Spike is the perfect team collaboration tool that doesn’t overcomplicate things. For teams that need to regularly communicate and keep up with project calendars, Spike has everything you need integrated into a single app, on a single screen, providing an incredible unified workspace. You can use it alongside your favorite team tool from our list, or simply manage everything directly from within Spike. All you need is an email.


Spike balances the best of email and instant messaging to bring you a 21st Century approach to conversation and collaboration. You can quickly and easily set up groups that bring you and your team together, organizing separate projects to share your big ideas, your tight schedule, and your important files. It also ensures the perfect mix of synchronous and asynchronous communication methods, meaning you can chat when you want and focus when you don’t.


Spike also packs in a calendar that can be easily shared with team members, integration with popular cloud storage services such as Google Drive and DropBox, and powerful file management and search features. It’s fully secure and it’s completely free to get started. Put simply, it’s the ideal tool for team collaboration and will revolutionize the way you work.


Download Spike today to check it out for yourself and keep up with all the latest news and a wealth of productivity tips & tricks on the Spike blog. – Best Collaboration App for Workflow Management

Beginning life as Wix’s in-house project management tool,’s potential as a piece of standalone project collaboration software was soon recognized. One of the platforms most popular features is its broad range of project templates, meaning getting your projects up and running is a breeze.


Simply choose a template that fits your use case or workflow, customize it to iron out the finer details, invite your team to join through email, and collaborate through a centralized dashboard that takes care of all your conversations, files, briefs, checklists, and sheets. Everything is highly visual, and managing your projects once they are up and running is highly intuitive.


Free trials are available for, however, once your trial is over, the Basic package begins at $39/month. Moving up the scale, offers a Standard plan, Pro plan, and Enterprise plan for the largest organizations. Unlimited users and boards come with all the packages, so it’s up to you to decide exactly what kind of functionality you need.



Zoho Projects ­- Best Visual Collaboration App for Planning 

Zoho Projects is one part of a much larger suite of tools that provide comprehensive integration with everything from CRM to invoicing platforms. It’s among the best collaboration tools for teams who need to work together on specific projects but also liaise with other departments for a truly holistic approach to company collaboration.


The timeline-based project management tool allows you to visually plan, track, and monitor projects with ease, and while it may not be as attractive as some of the other apps on this list, it has plenty of advanced features to offer. Create task lists and milestones, get in-depth insights with Gantt charts, and track time for both billable and non-billable hours which can then be integrated directly with Zoho Invoice.


Zoho Projects offers a 10-day free trial, and its standard package is priced competitively, with ten projects and ten users available for $18/mo. Zoho Projects’ remaining plans include Express, with unlimited projects and 15 users; Premium, with unlimited projects and 20 users; and Enterprise, with unlimited projects and 25 users.  



Asana – Best Collaboration App for Project Tracking

As one of the most well-established team collaboration tools on our list, Asana has won plenty of fans over the years. In fact, it’s used by some of the biggest companies in the world, including Uber and Intel to name a few. It packs plenty of useful features into a relatively intuitive interface and dashboard, while also integrating third-party apps such as Google Drive and Microsoft teams.


You can set up projects, add individual tasks assigned to specific team members, manage multiple projects across your calendar, and easily share information with the right people. Additionally, project tracking tools such as custom timeline management, visualized workflows, deadline management, and custom key metric fields help you and your team monitor your collaborations in new and insightful ways.


For basic users, Asana is completely free, although the entry-level package is a pared down version of the paid packages. For more advanced users and larger teams, pricing scales through three separate plans; Premium, Business, and Enterprise.



Trello – Best Collaboration App for Web-Based Teams

Trello is completely web based, so for teams that are spread across continents and who rely on different technologies (think Mac, Windows, Linux, and mobile integrations), it’s among the very best piece of online collaboration software around. The dashboard itself is based around the Kanban methodology, employing boards, lists, and cards with drag-and-drop functionality to help you manage your projects.


The highly visual approach to project management and collaboration is easy to set up and offers integration with the most popular third-party apps available today. It also syncs seamlessly across all of your devices, allowing you to add comments, attachments, due dates, and much more from wherever you are working.


Trello offers a completely free option that includes unlimited personal boards, cards, and lists along with ten team boards. Both the Business Class and Enterprise packages cater to larger teams and include a range of advanced features not found in the entry level packages. These two advanced plans are priced at $9.99 and $20.83 (for 100 users) respectively.



Wrike – Best Collaboration App for Small Businesses

Wrike is another web-based collaboration tool for businesses that provides a blank canvas that allows you to organize your team by folders, projects, and tasks, with drag-and-drop functionalities and a handy timeline to keep an overview of everything that’s in progress. The top-end packages also include streams and time logs alongside advanced analytics and Gantt charts to help you monitor progress.


Collaborating with your team is achieved through commenting on specific tasks and through the integrated inbox where you can hold more in-depth discussions. Additionally, the intuitive interface ensures you can easily set and move priorities as the nature of your project develops, allowing you to keep everyone in the loop and work towards the same goal.


Wrike offers a free option for five or fewer users, alongside a host of other packages for five to unlimited users. At the top of the scale, both the Marketers and Enterprise packages offer tailor-made solutions for larger teams, while both the Business and the Professional packages are perfect for smaller companies.


collaboration appPhoto by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash



Podio Best Collaboration App for Mobile Teams

Podio works across web and mobile, which means it’s among the best collaboration tools for teams that are working remotely or who manage projects from a mobile device. The quality of the Podio app is second-to-none when it comes to project management, and you can easily collaborate from the small screen of your mobile phone.


The spine of the Podio tool brings together content creation, conversations, and structured processes that allow teams to easily work together on projects and clearly define individual roles. Meeting scheduling and task management are among the most popular parts of the tool, however, social collaboration features and the integrated calendar are also very useful.


Podio is free for up to five users, while the Basic plan, Plus plan, and the Premium plan offer unlimited users. Prices for these packages range from $9 to $24/mo and integrate plenty of advanced features such as automated workflows, visual reporting, interactive sales dashboards, and read-only access to files and content.



Troop Messenger – Best Collaboration App for Desktop Sharing

Troop Messenger brings seamless collaboration through a suite of tools designed to provide the ultimate in connectivity for teams spread across varied locations. Based around a compact chat app that allows instant communication between groups and individuals, Troop ensures everyone is on the same page through practical file sharing and 50GB of free storage among its many other features.


The app is particularly useful for teams collaborating on visual projects, and its real-time screen sharing is a great feature for discussing the finer points relating to graphics, images, or even PowerPoint presentations. Simply connect one-on-one or with a group to share your desktop and work together to make your vision a reality.


Troop’s pricing structure starts at a dollar per month, per user, in its Premium package and rises to $5 per use, per month for its Self Hosting package that’s designed for the largest organizations. As one of the newest apps on our list, Troop also has a bunch of upcoming features that will make your collaborations effortless. Stay tuned.




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