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Why Good Communication in the Workplace is Important

By Spike Team, September 23, 2019
effective communication in the workplace

For small businesses and startups everywhere, there’s a thin line between success and failure. It’s not necessarily your bottom line, it’s definitely not the number of startup awards or leadership accolades you have accumulated, and it’s not even the Yelp reviews or TripAdvisor feedback. It’s something way simpler, and something that everyone should strive to continuously improve. It is, **drumroll**, communication in the workplace–and many believe that it is the fundamental stepping stone to success.


In truth, effective business communication is much more than simply “getting on” with your team members, employees, customers, and clients. It’s also a way to boost productivity, increase efficiency, foster collaborations, and ensure that customers and clients will recommend your business to friends and family. In fact, as technology continues to reach ever further into our lives, good communication skills in the workplace are more important than ever before.


Here, discover why good communication in business is so important to your success, and how even the smallest improvements in your comms can make a big difference.



Creativity and Collaboration

Creativity is the lifeblood of innovative business, and ensuring that you, your staff, and even your clients and customers can be part of a collaborative and creative team is a surefire way to encourage your business to develop and grow in the right direction. Of course, creative collaborations depend on highly effective communication in the workplace, and sharing ideas, plans, and strategies should be a priority for any small business.


Building positive team dynamics that encourage respectful yet open communication is key. Whether it’s a CEO communicating their vision to middle management, or a valuable team member with a fresh idea, developing communication skills in the workplace will foster a creative mindset that can responsively and flexibly deal with problems while always nurturing future growth. As an added bonus, including customers and clients in on the act will ensure that you always have a fresh perspective on what your business offers and how it can improve in the future.


Help foster collaboration and effective communication in the workplace by holding weekly creative brainstorming sessions with ice-breaker activities. Combining work with play will nurture bond-building and improve office dynamics and atmosphere. 



Networking and Relationships

effective business communicationPhoto by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash


Walking hand-in-hand with creative collaboration, networking and relationship building is key to successful businesses. Engaging individuals and other businesses to expand your network can provide a whole host of benefits that will allow you to source valuable team members, leverage new supplier deals, share knowledge and advice, and get the inside track on where your particular industry is heading.


Effective business communication not only provides a way for your employees to work towards a shared goal, but it also allows your business to extend and expand in new and exciting ways. Perhaps you’re looking to match a specific profile to a role, maybe you need hard-to-find materials for your next product, you might even want to reach out to your competitors to solve industry-wide issues. Whatever your business needs, fostering an extensive network through effective business communication will give you an edge.


Boost networking and engagement by improving your presence on social media channels, send out regular newsletters both internally and externally, and find out what everyone’s thinking with constructive surveys. Ask and you shall receive a boost to your business and knowledge. 



Conflict Management

The best way to manage conflicts is to ensure they don’t happen in the first place, and good communication at work is a fundamental part of this. By fostering healthy dialogue between staff and leaving an open door for team members to talk honestly with management, you can deal with problems within your team as they happen—rather than leaving them to fester until they are unmanageable.


When it comes to your team, whether they are staff members, freelancers, or digital nomads dotted around the world, keeping an open line of communication is key. You want everyone to feel comfortable sharing issues and working together to come to amicable (and productive) solutions. Conflict prevention and management is among the most useful elements of effective communication, and getting it right is crucial to your success.



Effective Communication in the Workplace and Spike

Effective communication at work relies on two things; first, ensuring that your team is on the same page through training and knowledge sharing, and second, on the kinds of tools you use. Keeping everyone in the loop requires a solid communication strategy that focuses on responsive communication tools designed to liberate the way you, your team, and your customers and clients stay in touch.


When it comes to your communication tools, Spike has everything you need to boost communication skills in the workplace. Spike combines the best of email and instant messengers to give you and your staff a responsive, fast, and fun way to stay in touch. It’s revolutionizing the way teams everywhere collaborate, pushing everyday communications to the next level. Download the app today and discover how Spike can boost your business communications in new and exciting ways!  


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