How Much Does a Business Email Cost in 2024?

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Business Email Costs

In 2024, the importance of a professional email address cannot be overstated. While personal email services such as Gmail, iCloud, and Outlook provide convenient and accessible solutions for individual consumers, the scenario is vastly different for businesses.


A paid, customized domain email is not just a preference but a standard in the corporate world. This extended introduction will explore the nuances of choosing a business email service in 2024.


We’ll examine why businesses opt for paid email services, the additional features these services offer over free options, and the significance of a personalized email domain in establishing a professional image. The cost of such services, their value to business operations, and their role in enhancing communication and brand identity will be key discussion points. As we dissect the reasons behind the shift from free to paid services, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how a tailored email solution can be a game-changer for businesses looking to make a mark in the digital era.



The Key Advantages of Private Email Hosting

Regarding business communications, private email hosting stands out as a superior choice for various reasons. Here are the top benefits:

  • Branding and Professionalism

    A private email domain enhances brand identity and exudes professionalism. It aligns your email communications with your business’s brand, making it more recognizable to customers and partners.

  • Enhanced Security

    Private email hosting typically offers advanced security features. This includes secure data transmission, anti-spam, anti-virus protection, and better control over sensitive information, crucial for maintaining business confidentiality.

  • Customization and Control

    With private hosting, you have greater control over your email environment. This includes customizing storage space, managing user accounts, and setting up email rules and filters tailored to your business needs.

  • Reliability and Uptime

    Business-grade email services often guarantee higher uptime and reliability than free email services. This ensures consistent and uninterrupted communication, which is vital for business operations.

  • Dedicated Support

    Unlike free services, private email hosting usually comes with dedicated customer support, providing businesses with assistance whenever needed and ensuring smoother email management.

  • Integration with Business Tools

    Private email services often offer seamless integration with other business tools and software, enhancing workflow and productivity.

In a sense, private email hosting offers a comprehensive package that uplifts a business’s communication strategy and contributes significantly to its overall operational efficiency and brand perception.



How Much Does Business Email Hosting Cost?

Business email hosting costs can vary significantly based on a range of factors. Let’s break down these factors to understand how they influence the overall cost.

  • Type of Hosting

    There are several types of email hosting, such as cloud-hosted, on-prem, and hybrid, where you manage the email server but a company like Amazon Web Services handles the traffic.

  • Storage

    The amount of storage needed can affect pricing. Basic plans may offer limited storage, suitable for small teams, while higher-priced plans offer more storage space, essential for businesses with extensive email usage.

  • Attachment Limits

    Higher attachment limits usually come with more expensive plans. This is crucial for businesses that frequently send large files.

  • Uptime

    The guaranteed uptime can influence the cost. Businesses that require constant email access should invest in plans with higher uptime guarantees.

  • Number of Email Accounts

    The number of email accounts needed also impacts the cost. More accounts typically mean higher costs. Some solutions offer discounts for large monthly allotments of usernames.

  • Support

    The level of customer support varies with the price. Premium plans often include 24/7 support, which is vital for businesses that rely heavily on email communication.

  • Additional Features

    Features like advanced security, archiving, and integrated apps can also add to the cost.

1. Spike

Spike for Teams


Spike offers a complete business email domain service for teams and businesses. It is a completed hosted and managed email and team chat service. It combines the simplicity of a messaging app with your email inbox and team chat, including Groups and Channels.


Spike Business Email Cost: 

  • Free: Up to 3 team members, 60-day search history, 15 GB storage space, limited Magic AI access, and Standard Support
  • Team ($4/employee per month when billed annually): Everything in the Free plan, unlimited access to Magic AI, 100GB storage space, Priority Support, and a free custom business email domain
  •  Business ($8/employee per month when billed annually): Everything in the Free and Team plans along with VIP support, large file upload of 500 MB, 1 TB storage space

Start for free - upgrade anytime


2. Google Workspace

Google Workspace


Google launched its business email domain service back in 2006, and it’s evolved quite a bit since then. It’s functionally still a traditional email service. It includes access to Google Drive, Google Docs, and much more. It’s completely hosted in Google’s cloud environment.


Google Workspace Business Email Cost: 

  • Business Starter ($6/employee per month when billed annually): 100 participant video meetings, 30 GB pooled storage per user, standard support
  • Business Standard ($12/employee per month when billed annually): 150 participant video meetings, 2TB pooled storage per user, standard support
  • Business Plus ($18/employee per month when billed annually): 500 participant video meetings, 5TB pooled storage per user, standard support


3. Office 365


Office 365 is Microsoft’s hosted email service. While Microsoft Exchange was a popular business email domain solution previously, the vast majority of Microsoft’s customers are now using Office 365 and Microsoft’s cloud environment for email.


Office 365 Business Email Cost: 

  • Plan 1 (($4/employee per month when billed annually): Outlook on the web provides a premium browser-based experience,  50 GB mailbox, and messages up to 150 MB
  • Plan 2 ($8 /employee per month when billed annually:  Built-in data loss prevention (DLP),  100 GB mailbox, and messages up to 150 MB
  • Plan 2 ($12.50/employee per month when billed annually): Includes desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook


4. Proton for Business

Proton Email


Proton is a secure business email, calendar, and VPN service hosted in Switzerland. Its services are protected by robust data privacy laws.


Proton Business Email Cost:

  • Essentials ($6.99/employee per month): 15 GB storage per user, support for three custom business email domains, and calendar sharing
  • Business: $10.99/employee per month): 500 GB storage per user, support for ten custom email domains, and calendar sharing

5. Hey for Domains

Hey for Domains


Released by the makers of Basecamp, Hey came on the scene a few years ago with a unique twist on email with a screen and complex filtering for sorting your email. Hey also offers Hey for Hey for Domains, where you can use the Hey service with a custom email domain.


Hey for Domains Cost:

Pricing: $12/month ($2/month discount for the first user), includes custom email domain support and multi-user support for small businesses, groups, or family use



Get a Custom Professional Email Domain with Spike

Spike addresses the challenges of scattered team communications by centralizing various communication tools. It integrates business email domain hosting, company-wide chat, document collaboration, video meetings, and more into a single platform, simplifying and streamlining team communication. It’s the best solution when it comes to the best value for business email costs.


Spike’s approach helps reduce context switching and enhances team productivity. Spike is particularly beneficial for its simplicity in setting up and managing custom email domains, making it an ideal solution for teams seeking a straightforward and efficient communication system.

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