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By Spike Team, Updated on May 02, 2023, 3 min read

Since the introduction of Spike Notes in 2020, it’s quickly become a fan favorite among our customers. A Spike Note can be almost anything. You can add text with rich formatting, PDFs, images, links, tables, etc. A Spike Note can be the starting point for a new project, your memoirs, vacation planning, or anything in between. With collaboration built-in, everything in a Spike Note can be shared with anyone, and it’s in your Inbox with Spike.


As you get the new year up and running, it’s always a good idea to find new ways to organize your work, personal life, and everything else you aim to prioritize in 2022. So we’ve put together the five ways to make the most out of Spike Notes at home and at work.



1. Collaborative Shopping List



Since Spike Notes sync to all versions of Spike, including mobile, it’s a perfect way to create a shopping list for everyone in your home with included checkboxes to know if someone has purchased it. Then, if you’re headed to the store, you can send a quick message to your spouse or roommate for any last-minute list updates.



2. Weekly Status Updates

Google Forms are so last year. Status updates with Spike Notes are faster to input and more accessible for managers to check in with their team. Instead of a weekly team meeting to discuss what you’re working on, have everyone input the updates into Spike Notes, read the information ahead of time, and come prepared to brainstorm together.



3. Blog or Press Release Review

If you’re working on a company blog or press release, Spike Notes is going to be a perfect spot to collaborate with your team. Chat and comments are built-in to your collaborative Spike Note, so you can give feedback, make updates, and produce the best content possible.


Because Spike Notes are constantly syncing to Spike’s cloud service, you’ll have the latest versions on all your devices and never lose your finished work. In addition, if you need to include other assets like images or PDF files, simply attach or drag and drop them into the Spike Note, and they’ll be everywhere you need them.



4. Collaborative Meeting Notes

Video meetings are much more effective when meeting notes are taken and action items assigned. Before the meeting, add an agenda to the Note, share it within the calendar appointment, and take notes throughout the meeting.


After the meeting is over, send a follow-up email with the Spike Note link and let everyone know their responsibilities.



5. Project Planning



Last but not least is project planning. The flexibility of Spike Notes makes it the perfect place to plan and track any project at work and at home. Document your goals, include stakeholders, and add a table with responsibilities, due dates, dependencies, and critical information.


Drop in your assets, files, images, and PDFs so everyone can access the latest versions of all files. As you have 1:1 meetings, team check-ins, and asynchronous chats about the project, your collaborative Spike Notes will be your source of truth for everything related to the project.



If you haven’t tried Spike yet, you can easily download it to all of your devices, and start collaborating with your colleagues, family, and friends without ever leaving your inbox. Once you start using Spike Notes for all of your projects and day-to-day uses for notes, you’ll get more done with less effort as you can eliminate continuous app switching.

Spike Team
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