Freelance Graphic Designers use Spike to Eliminate the Need for Countless Other Apps

Noam Cohen
By Noam Cohen, Updated on October 01, 2023, 5 min read

In many of our discussions with customers, we learn how Spike benefits different professions in ways we hadn’t considered. One of the most recent ones we’ve learned a lot about is graphic designers.


In our discussions with graphic designers, we learned how Spike Notes simplified workflows for those who work on a freelance basis with multiple clients. When using Spike Notes, sharing design mockups with relevant comments is much easier compared to other solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive.



Spike Notes Eliminates File Sharing Problems



There are countless ways to share files that meet basic needs, but the success will vary from client to client. After talking with our customers, it’s clear they believe Spike Notes reigns supreme as the best way to share multiple files at a time.


Using a single Spike Note, a freelance designer can include all files, instructions for usage, and anything else you need to communicate, all in a single location that can be updated. All your client needs is the Spike Notes link. If they become a Spike User, the note will be available within the app, but otherwise – all they need to do is bookmark the Spike Note link.


Clients can make comments inside the note that include revision information or approval. It’ll all be contained within the note. If new revisions are added, they’ll automatically be available for review and download.



Streamlined Video Meetings



As with file sharing, there are countless video meeting solutions out there, but Spike’s Video Meeting feature is the easiest for everyone. A freelance designer can include a link within a calendar meeting or create one ad-hoc, and everyone can join without needing to register for an account, sign in, or download a plugin. Everything else happens right inside the browser, on desktop, or mobile.



Snoozing Creates a Zen Inbox

Our freelancer design customers say that one hidden gems of the app is “Snooze.” If an important message comes in that you want to focus on later – you’d previously need to leave it unread. With Spike’s Snooze, you can get a reminder for it tomorrow and get back to focusing on the task at hand. This feature is especially useful is you have a task that can’t be completed until a certain day – the snooze lets you keep it out of your way until it’s time for the task.



File Preview and Advanced Search

Designers get a lot of files, sketches, and other assets sent back and forth. So if you’re a designer, you know that _01_Final_Totally_Final.PDF” means there will be at least ten more versions.


With Spike’s File Preview and Advanced Search, freelance designers can find all the files based on a file name, track all communications, and see various revisions. There’s no more manually scrolling a long list of emails looking for a certain version. With Spike, you can search, preview, download, and get back to work.


File organization – Use case:

“Before Spike, finding a specific attachment was really like finding a needle in a haystack – impossible, frustrating and a huge waste of time. Now, [with Spike] all the files are organized and I can preview them right there in the email thread – it’s is absolutely amazing!”
Read more about Freelance Graphic Designer Inna, that uses Spike to make collaboration easy so her clients get the best results.


A Universal Inbox That’s Conversational



A freelance designer might have one email address for some of their clients ( Still, they also might have email addresses for companies they work with on a retainer ( to make access to company resources easier. Spike’s universal inbox makes managing multiple email accounts a breeze. For example, you can add Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 accounts and monitor them both from the same app – on desktop and mobile. Spike’s Advanced Search can find files, messages, and contacts across all of them without needing to change apps or launch different browser tabs.


Spike prioritizes your most important mail so that you can focus on the more essential things. It’ll move newsletters, alerts, and other non-critical items to an Other Inbox that you can check periodically while the critical items come to your Priority Inbox. Of course, you’re in control of what goes where, so if you want notifications from a particular email sender in your Priority Inbox, you can have granular control over it.


Spike’s Inbox isn’t your average Inbox, though – it’s conversational.  Spike enables you to chat over email just like you do in a messenger app. It removes the clutter and puts real conversation at the heart of your communications — both on desktop and mobile. When you’re chatting with someone, you can see all the files they’ve sent you, start an audio/video call, send a GIF, or schedule a message to be delivered later. Of course, if the person you’re chatting with is using a legacy email app, they’ll never know you are using Spike – it’ll look like a normal email to them.


Lastly, Spike pulls in your calendar from these email accounts so you can keep track of all of your meetings for various clients. Spike lets you color code each individual calendar, so you always know which appointments are connected to which client and never miss a meeting or conference call again.



Ready to Start Chatting?

Spike is free for personal accounts, and we have some powerful business options that are perfect for hybrid and remote employees, so if you want to streamline your Inbox with Spike’s upgraded email app, get started chatting today.

Noam Cohen
Noam Cohen Noam is a Motion & Graphic Designer, with a passion for bringing her static illustrations to life, and a soft spot for color combinations and aesthetics.

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