Through the Leader's Lens: Interview with Omri Hurwitz, Founder of Omri Hurwitz Media

Lisa Raz
By Lisa Raz, July 10, 2023, 3 min read
Omri Hurwitz

It’s that time again for another Leaders Lens, a captivating interview series that takes you behind the scenes with inspiring leaders who are making waves in the business world. In this edition, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Omri Hurwitz, the creative mind behind Omri Hurwitz Media.


As the founder of this dynamic and innovative media agency, Omri and his team specialize in crafting captivating media coverage and strategic public relations campaigns for some of Israel’s most prominent startups and tech companies.

Join us as we dive into Omri’s journey, unraveling the secrets to his agency’s success and discovering his visionary approach to reshaping the media landscape. Let’s dive in!

What is your leadership philosophy when it comes to creating and maintaining a collaborative and aligned team environment?

Results based. I only care about the outcome. I don’t care if my employees work from the beach or if they play video games between meetings. I only care about the results. I believe that everyone has his or her own work process and productivity routines, and as long as we get the outcomes that we expect from our processes, then I consider our team aligned.

How do you ensure that every team member is aware of their individual goals, as well as the team’s goals, and that they are working towards achieving them?

Because we are results oriented, then it is very easy for every team member to know where they are. We don’t measure how much someone has “sweated” or the perceived effort. We only measure outcomes. And because of that, it is very easy to know what the goals are at any point in time.

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How do you manage conflicts or disagreements within the team to ensure that everyone is working together effectively?

I will give you a funny answer, but an honest one. We don’t manage conflicts, we just let them play out. The best execution wins anyway. It is a waste of time to try to manage conflicts and be politically correct about it. We are a team of “hunters”. The person who executes better will win each and every argument. So the argument very quickly gets resolved

How do you help your team manage the constant overload of information both within your organization and from external sources?

Great question. It is definitely something we are trying to work on. So many apps out there. I think the most important thing is individual discipline in organizing your work environment.


As a manager, how do you decide which tasks, projects or initiatives to prioritize on?

Based on the ones that contribute most to our goals. All tasks should be attached to the most important goal for our company. Then we focus on ONE thing at a time. At any point in time there is ONE thing that matters most.

What are some of the key challenges you have faced in leading a team, and how did you overcome them?

At first, delegating was not easy. But I learned to trust my team by letting go, and realizing that in order to scale the company, you have to learn to train your team properly and trust them.

That’s a wrap! It has been an honor to delve into Omri’s journey and gain valuable insights from his visionary mindset. I am confident that Omri Hurwitz Media will continue to thrive and make a lasting impact in reshaping the media landscape. Thank you, Omri, for your time, wisdom, and commitment to empowering businesses. I look forward to witnessing the continued success of your endeavors as you continue to revolutionize the world of tech marketing.

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